Tah suggests that critics give Havertz some time to prove himself

Thu 11 February 2021 | 10:46

After passing Almost 5 months at Chelsea, Kai Havertz has not been able to impress the critics which has got the critics question his way of playing style.

Kai Havertz

has been dealing with a huge amount of criticism during his testing debut campaign in England.

His team-mate at the

Bayer Leverkusen


Jonathan Tah

, believes that Havertz will soon show his abilities in his performance. He said:

“I've been watching the


games regularly since then (the move made on September 2020).

“It’s super interesting because

Timo Werner


Antonio Rudiger

also play there. I know what qualities Kai has.

“The game there is different than in Germany. There is a lot of talk in such phases: He has to do this and that because he has cost so and so much."

Tah suggests that critics give some time so that the 21-year-old can convince them.

Antonio Rudiger, another German player of Chelsea, said that the final decision is on 


to be made. He said:

“First of all, Kai should get over his [injury], then it could soon work.

“[But] the manager ultimately decides. We’ll see when it happens then. But it would be nice [to have the three Germans in the line-up].

“He [Tuchel] will do everything in his power [to help Havertz and Werner]. But at the end of the day, the guys have to be there for themselves on the pitch.”

five goals and five assists had been registered by the winger, which has been less than what was expected of him.

He has not been playing for his club in the last two fixtures due to an injury.




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