Van Marwijk expresses his delight after seeing the squad's spirit

Wed 10 February 2021 | 19:36

The UAE reappointed manager believes that now the players know what they are fighting for.


have been reaching progress for the next month's

World Cup

Qualifier as

Bert van Marwijk


He was reappointed as the UAE manager two months ago and seems to be satisfied with the squad's progress.

The UAE squad are on a 5-day training campaign which has been the best time for van Marwijk to note the players' "spirit". He said:

"We are working to enhance the harmony between the different elements of the team, and I need time to train with the players, so I’m completely happy with this short camp.

“And I’m even happier with the spirit of the players and their fight for the chance to play in the starting line-up, that high spirit and morale that we're focusing on.

"The players have begun to understand the style of play that we want to implement. This is very important at that stage, but it definitely takes time to reach what we all want.”

UAE have played one game less than the other teams in the same group and are five points behind


that stand at the top of the table.

Van Marwijk is now getting preparing the squad to meet



“I told the players we have to win that match.

“We are working on two sides: the first is to increase understanding and to become familiar with the required style of play, and the second is to play with a fighting spirit in matches, specifically in the first confrontation in the qualifiers.”

He also commented upon the matter of the vaccines:

“The pandemic affects the whole world, but I see great interest here in the health and safety of everyone, and in the fight against Covid-19. The tests are many and continuous here.

“I wish for everyone to get vaccinated. I hope everyone will participate in the vaccination."

source: SportMob