De la Red believes Zidane deserves more respect

Tue 09 February 2021 | 15:44

Ruben de la Red believes Zinedine Zidane deserves more respect for his past achievements.

Real Madrid

are now eight points behind

La Liga

leaders Atletico Madrid with a game in hand.

Although they were able to gain some much-needed ground by winning 2-1 against Huesca, pressure continues to build on

Zinedine Zidane

after each game.

He has been criticized for his managerial approach, but

Ruben de la Red

believes he deserves more respect for his past achievements.

When De la Red was asked about Zidane’s prickly demeanor in front of the media before their win against Huesca, he said:

"His reaction seemed very normal to me.

"What's more: I think coaches should claim much more than they do. And, in the case of Zidane, given what he has achieved, he should have a confidence margin to last up to 10 years.

"In five years, he has won three Champions Leagues and two league titles. Ultimately, you have enough credit for a long time. He should be able to afford to go two to three years without earning anything.

"You have to assess the situations. You cannot ask Zidane to be a league or Champions League winner with the injuries he is having and going two years without signing anyone. Let's be realistic.

"The situation they are going through is not normal. No matter how much you are Real Madrid, so much loss weakens you. Without [Eden] Hazard, [Dani] Carvajal, [Sergio] Ramos… it is very difficult to fight for the objectives the team is fighting for."

After Zidane replaced Carlo Ancelotti in 2015, he was able to deliver three Champions League crowns in a row and another La Liga title for the club.

He then resigned after his team won the European Cup in Kyiv by beating Liverpool 3-1 in 2018. However, the club brought him back nine months later after a rapid decline in fortunes in his absence.

However, if he were to be replaced, there are several high-profile candidates as potential replacements for him, including Raul and Guti.

Raul is now in charge of the club's Castilla side and might be the natural choice for the job but RB Leipzig's Julian Nagelsmann and former Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri are also high-profile candidates for the job.

source: SportMob