Soucek defends Dean following death threats received by the referee

Tue 09 February 2021 | 9:51

The Premier League player expressed his frustration with the fans after they sent several death notes to Mike Dean.

West Ham


Tomas Soucek

, called out on those who have been abusing Mike Dean for sending the player off the pitch in their game against



Soucek, who rushed to the game official’s defense, wrote on



"Whatever decisions are made on the pitch should stay on the pitch. I don’t like hearing about it interfering with personal life and I send Mike Dean and his family my support. There is no place for abuse of any kind. It is in the past and I’m now focused on the rest of the season."

In return

Premier League

chief executive, Richard Masters, also defended the referee by stating:

"It is inexcusable that Mike Dean and his family have received online abuse, including death threats, as a result of doing his job officiating at a Premier League match. It is completely unacceptable that we are seeing abusive behaviour aimed at players, managers and match officials regularly on social media platforms.”

"Mike and his family have our full support in reporting this to the police. This once again highlights the need for greater proactive intervention from social media companies to stop online abuse and identify offenders."

According to

Sky Sports

, authorities have been taking a considerate look into the matter since social media abuse continues to be a massive problem in the Premier League as several players have recently received racist comments.

Following the incident, Dean, who was expected to be assigned for

Manchester United

’s clash with


, asked to be withdrawn from the match.

source: SportMob