Cavani says it was hard for him to fit in

Mon 08 February 2021 | 14:41

Edinson Cavani has talked about starting life at Manchester United.

Edinson Cavani

says that joining

Manchester United

was hard at the beginning.

“I always think that settling in and adapting to a different place, a new culture, different customs, is always difficult,”

Cavani has told United Review


“Change is always difficult, as is settling in somewhere new. Even though you try to throw yourself totally into it and to settle in quickly, right now there’s a lot of stuff going on around us that is making that process a little bit tougher than usual. But, of course, you have your family life at home away from the game, it’s never just football alone.”

He has also talked about the importance of

FA Cup


“I haven’t had chance to read or study about this trophy with any great depth, but I believe that every cup or piece of silverware is always very important. I’ve always felt that way and that has always been my philosophy in life.

“For me, football is all about never-ending, continuous competition. Every game, whatever the stature of the trophy at stake, has a different impact amongst the fans and the public in general. But in my eyes, football is 100 per cent about competing, in every kind of match.

“I can easily imagine just how important a trophy it is. But over and above any of that, as I told you before, for me, football is all about competition, pure and simple, and you always have that desire to win, whatever cup you’re playing for, it’s always important. And as I always say, winning isn’t easy, and so when you win, you have to enjoy it, and you also have to try to get into the habit of winning.”

source: SportMob