Redknapp returns to Bournemouth temporarily to help Woodgate

Mon 08 February 2021 | 14:28

Harry Redknapp has been offered to help Bournemouth caretaker boss Jonathan Woodgate until the club finds a new manager.

Harry Redknapp

has agreed to help his ex-player

Jonathan Woodgate



hire a new manager after Jason Tindall’s dismissal.


Jonathan Woodgate played under me at Spurs and he's a great lad,

" Redknapp said.


He's asked me to come in for a few days and watch them train.

"Just to be around the place for a few days, help keep my eye on things for him."


I have spoken to Harry quite a bit

," Woodgate said. "

He gives that advice and has been there and done it. He is a really good guy; who I know I can trust


The club has been overwhelmed with the number of applicants for the job. However, the board is considering their options thoroughly as it is a key decision at this stage of the season.

When Bournemouth go against


in the FA Cup on Tuesday, Jonathan Woodgate is going to be in charge. The club will then start the process of interviewing.

Redknapp had previously been the club manager from 1983 to 1992. This time around, he is only in temporarily.

source: SportMob