"Hit the stands" - Klopp announces what he told Alisson

Mon 08 February 2021 | 7:46

Jurgen Klopp accepted that Alisson Becker had many errors in the match against Manchester City, but supported him to return stronger from a chastening afternoon at Anfield.



made two mistakes on Sunday while City won 4-1, which ends the Reds’ hopes of holding their Premier League crown.

At his post-match press conference, Klopp said his team made some good moves, but couldn't deny that the decisive moments were because of his goalkeeper’s mistakes.

“We made two massive mistakes and [it was] pretty much game over,”

Klopp announced.

“In a game when you have such a good moment, these two goals killed off the game. Everybody knows that.”



, he mentioned:

“I spoke to him a few seconds ago. He’s obviously very disappointed. He was like ‘not today, not today’. I said to him ‘that’s the problem with mistakes, you cannot decide when you make them, the only thing you can do is learn from them’

“That’s what he will do and he will make sure it never happens to him again. Tonight it was decisive, but that’s OK.

“Tonight some things went a little bit wrong and we have to take that.”

Klopp replied when asked what he had said to



“I said to him ‘we have stands, you can shoot the ball there!’

“We didn’t offer exactly the right things. In the first half, Ali played exceptional football and was really calm on the ball, passed it in small spaces, exactly what we wanted him to do.

“Then in the beginning of the second half he didn’t do that. He didn’t see the offers because we didn’t make them in the right way, and then the problem is that he doesn’t shoot the ball somewhere far away from the danger spots.

“There are a lot of games to come. And if we would have played more often as we played tonight, we would not be 10 or 13 points behind City."

he continued.

“It’s not dreamland or whatever, we have to accept reality and we do. We will fight for results. We did that tonight and didn’t get it, because of our own faults. That’s clear. But the good stuff we should keep.”

“There are worse things in the world than losing a football game. It’s very important for us, no doubt about that, but I want them to understand and to know that the football we played tonight, in long periods of the game, if we would have played this football more often then we would have more points.”



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