Koeman: I always think that the attitudes of the referees are honest

Sun 07 February 2021 | 10:14

Barcelona boss backs La Liga referees against Pique comments

A few days ago,


experienced defender,

Gerard Pique

claimed that

Real Madrid

are favored by La Liga referees more than any other team.

He said: "

The other day a former referee said that 85 per cent of the referees are from Madrid.

“How are they not going to whistle in favor of Madrid? Even unconsciously, how are they not going to give more for one side than the other?"

Now, Barcelona boss

Ronald Koeman

has backed the referees, saying that they are doing an honest job.

"Those are Pique's words. I can only comment on this year, not on previous seasons,"

Koeman said.

"There are decisions in which we have had no luck, but I don't think they are against us. They are decisions of the referee and also VAR.

"I always think that the attitudes of the referees are honest. They give what they see and are not in favor of any team."

The Dutchman also talked about Barcelona French striker,

Antoine Griezmann


He said:

"I remember that I called him when I signed for Barcelona.

"I told him that I had a lot of confidence in him. I told him that he should know that he is important.

"Although he started without effectiveness, he has recovered. I have never doubted him. Besides, he is also his own critic.

"You can't ask for more from Griezmann, he's very important to us."



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