Alexander Arnold confirmed his form dropped this season

Sat 06 February 2021 | 22:13

Arnold emphasized that, like his team, he is trying to return to his good days.

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander Arnold has confirmed that his form has fallen short of his high standards.


, who performed well last season and won the league, have slipped to fourth place this season after losing 1-0 to Brighton. Arnold, like the rest of his team, has dipped. He, who won the Champions League and the Premier League by the age of 22, claimed that he was below the high standards he had set for himself.

He told Sky Sports:

"There's been times this season I felt like I've been playing quite well. Recently I've been trying to get back into that rhythm I was talking about earlier from a personal point of view.

"It's been a tough reason in that respect in just trying to find that rhythm and get back into it and just letting things happen naturally. It's been quite difficult. 

"But again there's no excuses. I want to try to make things happen for the team and perform as well as I can to help us win games and that's what I'm trying to do."

source: SportMob