Marquinhos talks about PSG and OM’s rivalry

Sat 06 February 2021 | 19:40

PSG’s Brizalian defender has talked about their old rivals.

After Neymar and Gonzalez’s fight before


match against OM,


has talked about the matter, saying that these kinds of things are normal among big rivals.

“Social networks are tricky. You can spoof nicely, but if you overstep the line, it can end up hurting you. Ney likes to put on a show, on and off the pitch. It’s his way of being, he’s like that, he likes to tease,”

Marquinhos said


“He has this dispute with this player from Marseille, he has chambered it a bit, that’s all. If he had really crossed the line, I would have told him. There, in this case, there was nothing very bad.”

He adds that it is normal that teams get happy when their rivals lose. Marquinhos says that he would be surprised if Marseille fans supported them in the UCL final against Bayern Munich.

“Frankly, we didn’t expect the Marseillais to be behind us on the day of the final against Bayern. It would have been really surprising,”

Marquinhos said

. “Celebrating the defeats of the rival club is part of football folklore. When I was younger, I celebrated the failures of Palmeiras as much as some of the victories of the Corinthians.”

“When your team can’t win, all you have to do is pray that the rival doesn’t either. For now, Marseille is the only French club to have won a Champions League, and their supporters are clinging to that. Their celebration was more relief than joy.”

source: SportMob