Guardiola reveals the secret behind City's defensive record

Sat 06 February 2021 | 10:35

City have by far the best record in the Premier League so far this season with just 13 goals conceded in 21 games, having conceded nine goals fewer than any other team.


, who joined




for a £62 million fee this summer, has been among the key factors in the Citizens’ success this season. Meanwhile,


believes it is his reading of the game which has proved his biggest attributes.

"Basically, he talks to them during the game,"


told Sky Sports

. "He anticipates. He does not play the game for himself; he looks what happens in front of him and behind him."

Despite injuries of

Kevin De Bruyne


Sergio Aguero

that led them out of the team, City have won a club-record 13 consecutive games in all competitions, conceding just three goals.

"The reason why [our defensive record is so good] is because 67 per cent of the time we have the ball,"



"This is the main reason. The main reason is that we have the ball. If you have the ball as much as possible then the opponent does not have the ball.

"Of course, the opponent can score from set pieces or a counter-attack but the more that you have the ball the more chances you will have to score a goal. This is the reason why.

"Maybe one day they will change the rules but I think to score a goal you need the ball.

"You cannot win titles, especially the Premier League and the Bundesliga, if you concede a lot of goals. Last season we conceded more than usual and we didn't adjust well to some things. But if you look at the goals that we conceded in all of our years here in Manchester, in Munich, in Barcelona, it was always few. Few, few, few.

"And we did it playing 50 or 60 metres in front of our goal, and always we were stable defensively. Absolutely, I do not want to concede goals. And I want to score a lot. That is what we are working for with good quality players who want to have the ball."

source: SportMob
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