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Andy Walker talks about Celtic’s performance

Fri 05 February 2021 | 18:41

Walker: “With better communication, you could easily offer Celtic fans hope for what lies ahead.”


former Player,

Andy Walker

, has talked about their performance saying, that the club must create better communication with the supporters.

“Having played in a title and cup-winning team, I know exactly what it's like to be a successful Celtic player. Believe me, there's no better feeling. The adulation you experience from the fans is something you'll never forget. Everywhere you turn, people want to praise you for your efforts and give you thanks.”

Andy Walker said


“But I've also played in a poor Celtic side and know how that feels too. I have felt the anger and frustration from a demanding support. It's a tough ride. Instead of praise and thanks, people want answers and want to know how things can change for the better.

“The answer is always the same. Things can change, sometimes quickly and of course results and performances can improve. With better communication, you could easily offer Celtic fans hope for what lies ahead. Instead, they're being treated with a wall of silence.

“In season 1994-95, I played in a Celtic team that finished fourth in the top flight behind Rangers, Motherwell and Hibs. Can you imagine how that would be received now? No, me neither.

“But that's how poor we were. Every other team in the league scored more goals than us, even Dundee United who were relegated. Bizarrely, every other side in the league conceded more than us, including champions Rangers.”

source: SportMob