Mount has a lot of room for improvement - Tuchel

Fri 05 February 2021 | 13:44

The admirable performance of Mason Mount was noticed by the German head coach last night.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel praised Mason Mount and his performance against Tottenham.

Mount started the game for


yesterday and had a good performance in number 10 position. Although Jorginho scored the only goal of the game from the penalty spot, Mount's good performance in this game was noticed by the fans and media. While it was said that with the dismissal of Frank Lampard, Mason Mount, who was the favorite player of the English head coach, will be left out, but the Mount was able to attract the attention of the new German head coach.

Tuchel told reporters: "I don’t want to put a limit on his development," Tuchel told reporters after the match. "It is obvious he has a lot of potential, he is a great footballer and super nice guy, eager to learn, hungry to win, open-minded and for that, I think that for him, he can perform for any manager.

"He really means it; he has this internal motivation and a nice guy with a big personality. What more can you wish for? He’s top."

"Today we played Mason as No 9, dropping to a ten with two wide strikers,"

German coach added.

"so to find Mason space between the lines and he did well."

"We watched the team and under Frank, he was a regular starter and there was no doubt that he’s a team player and has the potential that he has. We didn’t choose him for the first game because we opted for a slightly different profile on the two No 10 positions for the first game.

"When he came in he showed what a big influence he can also have from the bench and from here there are no guarantees for anybody, also not for Mason right now. It is easy with him. He leaves his heart on the pitch, but everybody else does the same thing.

"It is a team effort and Mason is the first to agree on that and to behave like that. This is what we need. Is there room to improve? Yes. Is there a lot of room? Yes, there is a lot of room to improve also for him and there are no gifts.

"He has to earn his place in every training and every match and the boy is a super nice guy and totally clear and he knows about it, he is a competitor and that is why we will keep on pushing him and the others."

source: SportMob