Barnes believes trophies won’t decide players’ future at Liverpool

Fri 05 February 2021 | 12:46

The former Reds player insists that one campaign without a title doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for Liverpool and their players.



legend, John Barnes, believes that lack of trophies in one season should not mean the end of the players’ spell at Anfield as they start looking for an exit from the

Premier League


The Reds have already secured several domestic and European titles in their previous campaigns, but a trophyless year should not be seen as a


, insists Barnes.

Though there have been rumors about

Georginio Wijnaldum


Mohamed Salah

’s exit in the near future, the ex-Reds player hopes that one season would not decide the players’ entire football career.

Barnes told



“If they feel they can go to a better club than Liverpool then that’s up to them but it’s important to remember that the season would not, at all, be a failure if Liverpool weren’t to win anything.”

“I don't think winning a trophy would necessarily mean that players would want to leave Liverpool. Because if we finish somewhere at the top of the table and played as well as we have done, yet didn’t win a trophy, that doesn’t mean that the team has failed.”

“Yes, losing to Brighton the other day wasn’t ideal - it’s football and these things happen - but it doesn’t mean that you have to start to write off an entire team.”

“If you’re a few points off the top, that shows that you’re consistently challenging each week and you’re performing in a good manner. It’s always about how close you can get to the top of the league, which shows how good you are as a team. The trophies are then the bonus to all that hard work.”

“For a player such as Wijnaldum with his contract coming to an end it’s obviously up to him to decide whether he’ll stay or go - but I don’t think that his decision will have anything to do with Liverpool winning the league or not this season.”

“At this stage of his career, Wijnaldum would want to be somewhere where’s guaranteed to be played rather than just looking for the big bucks - and if he feels that Liverpool will give his that, then I think he’ll stay - but it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.”

Barnes, who is certain of Liverpool’s top-four finish, added:

“Nothing's ever wrapped up, but I don't think that any of the other teams are putting together a very consistent run either,” Barnes said on the battle for Champions League qualification.”

“I mean, West Ham are the team below them. Does anybody really believe West Ham, as much as they're doing well at the moment, are going to put a run together to really finish in top four? Tottenham or Aston Villa or any of the other teams?”

“To be honest, although it’s tough for Liverpool just now especially as teams such as Manchester City are playing with a lot of confidence, I don't think that there's anyone who can oust Liverpool from the top four.”

“Also, it’s important to remember that this hasn’t been an ordinary season and we’ve seen a lot of players being off because of Covid or other injuries, but still, at this stage of the season, there’s everything to play for.”

source: SportMob