Dortmund’s boss on Reinier: ‘He's a very talented player’

Fri 05 February 2021 | 11:47

Despite his limited game time, the Real Madrid loanee will get more opportunities on the pitch, confirmed Terzic.

Borussia Dortmund

interim manager, Edin Terzic, believes

Real Madrid



, who joined the Bundesliga side for a two-season loan, will earn more game time in the near future.

Terzic talking about the Brazilian ahead of their clash with


, said:

"He's a very talented player who works hard on himself. He definitely deserves the chance in the near future."

Before joining Real Madrid, Reinier was


’s player, who was later loaned to Dortmund after spending a while with the Whites Castilla.

Though there were recent rumors about the 19-year-old’s loan move to

Real Valladolid

, Bundesliga club's sporting director, Michael Zorc, denied the rumors by saying:

"We basically don’t want to give him up. If someone is dissatisfied because he has too few opportunities, then you talk to each other, but we will not take the initiative ourselves."

Despite his struggles at Bundesliga as Dortmund sit sixth and 13 points adrift form the league leaders,

Bayern Munich

, Reinier hopes to prove his worth to the German club.

source: SportMob