Immobile is happy with Lazio form

Wed 03 February 2021 | 22:02

Ciro Immobile says that Lazio is in good form.

Ciro Immobile

thinks that


is getting back to its pre-lockdown form. They have been moving up in the table in recent weeks. They have five wins in a row in Serie A, and they have won their important away match against Atalanta.

“We see Lazio getting back to our pre-lockdown form,”

Immobile told Sky Sport Italia


“We are in a great moment, both physically and psychologically, even if we know that difficult moments are always around the corner.

“After all, we experienced it last year and realized that if you lose concentration or determination, you will struggle.”

The Biancocelesti was in first place in Serie A table in March 2020. But they weren’t able to keep their form after lockdown, considering the new schedule.

Another reason for their different performance was that they weren’t playing in other competitions back then, and now they are playing against tough opponents in both domestic and continental competitions.

They are going to face Bayern Munich in the Champions League Round of 16.

Here is what Immobile added on their difficult path getting back in form: “We dropped a lot of points and put ourselves in a difficult situation, but did well to get ourselves back on track. Now we are up there and want to have our say.”

source: SportMob
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