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Cottarelli asks for a new structure for Inter Milan

Wed 03 February 2021 | 21:21

A president-choosing system just like Bayern Munich's is what Interspac president demands.

"Widespread ownership" is what

Carlo Cottarelli



president wishes that

Inter Milan

would have had.

Interspac is a group of Inter Milan's fans who are rich and have recently turned into Milan's shareholders.

Cottarely said:

“Our dream is to bring the model of widespread ownership, which has done so much good for



He mentioned that the change of structure had been suggested before but

Steven Zhang

did not show interest in it. He said:

“Now things may have changed.

“We have been described as VIP fans, but that is unfair.

“The spirit of this consortium is anything but VIP.”

He compared Milan to Bayern Munich and said:

“We would bring in many tens of thousands of passionate members into Inter, with a widespread and popular shareholding structure, as is the case in Germany, where a law prevents excessive concentration in club ownership.

“In the Bundesliga, widespread shareholding has created a strong fan identity, clubs’ accounts are in better shape than elsewhere and there is a commercial return.

“If I had a role in the club as a fan, I would more willingly go to the stadium and buy shirts and merchandise.”

He then said that an "Inter fan" would be the president of such Inter. He also named two figures to carry this position:

Jose Mourinho


Giovanni Trapattoni


He focused on the role of the shareholders in choosing the club president, as Bayern Munich is working this way.

Cottarelli also mentioned that having Massimo Moratti back to this position would be great.

He was also asked about the way he would run the club. He answered:

"I would aim to increase revenue, and only then would I think about reducing spending."

The 66-year-old stated his opinion about "business" in the League and referred to Lionel Messi as an example of this system.




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source: SportMob