Galliani says that Monza hopes to sign Ribery

Wed 03 February 2021 | 18:31

Adriano Galliani has confirmed Serie B side’s interest in Ribery.



Silvio Berlusconi


Adriano Galliani

, who is on the board of directors, hope they can see Monza among the Italian top flight by the end of 2020-21.

Silvio Berlusconi used to be Milan’s president and Italy’s Prime Minister and now wants to create a new chapter in his career.

Here is what Galliani said about the club’s interest in signing the former France and Bayern Munich star:

 “The idea of Ribery comes from a deep friendship between Boateng and Ribery,

“If we get into Serie A, then we’ll be thinking about him. Our project at Monza had the aim of going from Serie C to B, then B to A.

"At this moment, on goal difference, we are in second place and would be in Serie A. However, it matters where you are after 38 rounds and not 20.

“We hope to give the city where I was born, at the club where I was vice-president and one of the owners from 1975 to 1985, the joy of reaching Serie A for the first time.”

Frank Ribery

, who will turn 38 in April, was one of Bayern Munich’s iconic players. He joined the Bavarians in 2007 from Marseille. He spent 12 years at the club, making over 400 appearances for them. He scored 124 goals and won 23 major titles before joining Fiorentina in 2018-19.

source: SportMob