Top facts about Dida, the Brazilian goalkeeper

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Dida was one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Brazilian football and was a member of the team at the 2002 World Cup and we want to consider top facts about dida.

He was best known for his brilliant reactions in penalties, and many times it seemed that nothing could escape his hands. He also won the 1999 Copa America, the 2005 and 1997 FIFA Confederations Cup. His name also appears in the Hall of Fame of AC Milan. Dida won the

Champions League

twice with the club.

We know the Brazilian goalkeeper, Dida was a great goalkeeper, because of the brilliant performance he has done for AC Milan and the Brazilian national team.

When we look at his playing career and see his highlights, we see that Dida was a great goalkeeper in history. Although he was tall, he also performed well on the ground and had good saves.

The moment all the players were disappointed, he revived the team with his brilliance, which is easy to write or talk about, and in practice and reality, it is a wonderful job.

The GK is an important position in football. Everyone expects him not to receive a goal, even if he is not to blame. Now you consider what Dida has done in his career that has made him one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

It did not matter to Dida who his opponent was and what his performance was. He always tried to maintain and improve his quality, and this is what is seen in most Brazilian players. You also can't ignore the penalty saves he made that made him a perfect goalkeeper.

He used to move towards the ball before the penalty kick, so to speak, which was his strong point in controlling the balls. Of course, this move is considered a fault in the current law of football in the world and must be at least one foot of the player on the line.

It had become common for him to take a penalty, and any striker or midfielder or defender who came in front of him and tried to take a penalty was afraid of him because he both dared to stand in the middle of the goal and not jump and when he jumped he did. It worked great.

His body reflex was excellent and in most cases, with the tension he gave to his body, he averted dangers and prevented scoring goals.

Dida's catching skills are truly unparalleled. Even in most cases when the defense was not able to return the ball, he doubled the save and protected his goal. It didn't matter to him if it was a free-kick or a one by one situation. He was the winner most of the time in these confrontations.

He was a complete package of goalkeeping and he showed this brilliant performance well both in the club and in the Brazilian national team.

It is no exaggeration to say that he has unparalleled reactions in his career that only Dida can save these balls.

From all these writings, it can be concluded that when we speak about Dida, this Brazilian goalkeeper, we are talking about a Brazilian legend and he has always caused pride for himself, his family, the club, and the national team.

Top facts about Dida, The Brazilian Goalkeeper you might want to know

Here comes a number of 

top facts about Dida

. So follow us to the end of the article.

Dida Information

Surely part of the top facts about Dida is about



Nélson de Jesus Silva (born 7 October 1973), better familiar just as Dida, is a Brazilian earlier football player who performed as a goalie. After beginning his higher club profession in Brazil in the beginning 1990s with Vitória Dida turned a penalty kick-saving expert with Cruzeiro and 



He is possibly great recalled for his prosperous and often turbulent ten-year time with Milan from 2000 to 2010, where he set up himself as one of the world's great goalies and achieved several prizes and personal rewards with the club, but became similarly familiar for his tendency for mistakes as great as his fine gameplay, while he earned press focus in 2005 for being strike by an alight blaze through a game against Internazionale.

Dida achieved one Serie A trophy (Scudetto) and double the UEFA Champions League by Milan, with the initial of those wins coming later he saved three penalties in the 2003 end game against



Dida is one of four Milan goalkeepers with 300 professional games. later a two-year lack of playing, he came back to Brazil in 2012, useful for three teams Portuguesa, Grêmio, and Internacional—in several competitions.

Dida Social media

It is considered to be among the impressive

top facts about Dida

that the Corinthians goalkeeper was recruited by AC Milan in August 2000, last year to spend his illustrious days leading the Under-17 goalkeeper.

Dida, like some other AC Milan players, is not interested in working on Instagram and

Dida's social media

is not active.

Dida is not interested in having Instagram for any reason and we think he prefers not to be very active in cyberspace and has his own life and does not want to spend too much time on this part. In any case, such situations can be very useful for communicating with the audience, people around, and fans that Dida is not interested in.

Dida Personal Information

To continue, we want to know 

top facts about Dida

and his bio.

Dida Bio

  • Dida Full name

    : Nélson de Jesus Silva

  • Dida Date of birth

    : 7 October 1973 (age 47)

  • Place of birth

    : Irará, Bahia, Brazil

  • Dida Height

    : 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in)[1]

  • Position

    : Goalkeeper

  • National Team

    : Brazil

Quick Facts

  • Type

    : Sports

  • Star Sign

    : Libra

  • Peoplepill ID

    : Dida

Dida Nicknames

Regarding top facts about Dida, Dida deserved several nicknames in his club profession, intial at Cruzeiro with A muralha azul ("Blue Wall"), pursued by São Dida ("Saint Dida") and O rei dos pênaltis ("King of Penalties") at Corinthians.

Milan Channel anchorman Carlo Pellegatti nicknamed him Baghera la Pantera (a mention to Bagheera from The Jungle Book) for his athletic saves.

Dida was named L’Ammiraglio ("The Admiral") by Milan fans as a performer on his initial name in mention to Horatio Nelson, but contrary tagged Didastro ( a play on the disaster, Italian for "disaster") after bad plays.

The Placar tagged him a geladeira ("refrigerator") and homem de gelo ("the iceman") for his heartless in-game identity.

Dida Professional career

We want to know 

top facts about Dida

. He was born on October 7, 1973, in Bahia, Brazil, and became known as Sada Dida. He joined AC Milan in 2000 and won two Champions League titles in 2003, 2007, and a runner-up title in 2005.

Dida played for AC Milan until 2010 and had a successful career at the helm of the Italian team, but left the club with 206 appearances for the popular Italian team in 2012 and joined Portuguesa. Dida was a member of the Brazilian national football team for 11 years and played 91 times for the national team. Dida's first game was on July 7, 1995, against the Ecuadorian national football team.

He has played 12 games for the Brazilian Under-20 team and 17 for the Brazilian Olympics. He also played for the Brazilian national team in three World Cups in 1998, 2002, and 2006.

He has played for Vittoria, Cruzeiro, Lugano, Corinthians, AC Milan, Portuguesa, Grimo and Internacional. But he spent most of his time at AC Milan.

The 47-year-old goalkeeper, who is 196 cm tall, showed good dives while playing, which made things difficult for the opponent's attackers. He left the club in 2010 after leaving the main squad of Milan and returned to his country.

Dida Childhood

Well, part of the top facts about Dida is surely about 

Dida's Childhood. 

Like most Brazilian footballers, he started playing from a poor family.

His father was the caretaker of a coffee company, and he never liked his father's job. As a child, Dida used to shoot at every object in the street and showed his interest in this sport in some way. He studied at a school near his home. But all he thought about was dreaming of playing football.

The tall boy was strong and strong from his childhood and adolescence and was transferred to Cruzeiro on the advice of his football coaches. Therefore, with work and effort, training, and also his love for football, he became the Brazilian champion in 1996 and 1997 with Cruzeiro.

Dida Age

The legendary Brazilian goalkeeper, Dida is now about 48 years old. When he retired or left Milan, many football fans believed that he would no longer be a goalkeeper of his grade.

Many people may think that this opinion and discussion was correct until a few years ago, but with the emergence of the Milan teenager phenomenon, who even at a young age saw the Milan captain's armband on his arm, this phenomenon can follow in the footsteps of the greats.

This person is none other than


. Their similarity is that they are tall, have good body reflexes, and they are clever. Of course, Donnarumma has a long way to go and at the moment he can not be compared to Dida.

Dida Family and Personal Info

We want to talk about

Dida's Personal Info

. Nélson de Jesus Silva was born on 7 October 1973 in the city of Irará in the north-east Brazilian country of Bahia and is one of ten kids thorough with five sisters and four brothers. He was elevated in Lagoa da Canoa in the little adjacent state of Alagoas, to where his household had transferred when he was three months old.

His initial sport of selection was volleyball, which he played with his brothers before he uncovered soccer by the method of indoor football and pickup matches. His favored position was that of the goalie, although its year's unfamiliarity in Brazilian soccer and the nation's record of prejudice opposite of black players in the position.

A fan of Rio de Janeiro- supported club Flamengo, Dida support from a novice team named Flamenguinho ("little Flamengo") at age thirteen, which marked his first experiment in systematic team play.

He took his forthcoming playing name from Flamengo striker Dida, while his soccering heroes were Rinat Dasayev and future Seleção mates Cláudio Taffarel, who had loved prosperous move in Italy and Turkey and whom Dida after examined an initiate in the increasing approval of Brazilian goalkeepers into European clubs.

In appearance, Dida is very similar to the French striker Mbappe. Of course, Mbappe was born in 1998, but Dida played for Brazil in the 1998 World Cup that year.

Dida body measurement

In this part we want to know top facts about Dida and

Dida's Body measurement

. He is tall and physically fit and muscular, and although he has been in his career for several years, he is still fit and not overweight. In appearance, he is always known for his short hair. Both during football and now that he has retired.

Who is Nelson Dida Meeting?

As far as we know, Dida seems to be single and has no relationship with anyone who naturally has no children.

Dida Relationship

As of 2021, Nelson Dida’s is not meeting anybody. Nelson is about 47 years old. according to CelebsCouples, Nelson Dida had as a minimum 1 relation earlier. He has not been formally engaged.

How many children does Nelson Dida have?

He has no children. As we said before, Dida is not in a relationship, but he may have been in a relationship before. Dida's pictured outside with a woman and a child next to her and in training, but it is not clear whether this child is from this woman or whether he has a relationship with her or not.

Dida Stats and Honours

In the following, we want to find out some facts about Dida and his career.


  • Copa Oro

    : 1995

  • Copa do Brasil

    : 1996

  • Copa Libertadores

    : 1997



Campeonato Brasileiro

: 1999


FIFA Club World Championship

: 2000


Torneio Rio-São Paulo

: 2002


Copa do Brasil

: 2002



Serie A

: 2003–04


Coppa Italia

: 2002–03


 Supercoppa Italiana

: 2004


UEFA Champions League

: 2002–03, 2006–07


UEFA Super Cup

: 2003, 2007


FIFA Club World Championship

: 2007



Campeonato Gaúcho

: 2014, 2015


Brazil Youth

  •  FIFA World Youth Championship

    : 1993


South American Youth Championship

: 1992


CONMEBOL Men Pre-Olympic Tournament

: 1996

Brazil Senior Team

  •  FIFA World Cup

    : 2002

  •  FIFA Confederations Cup

    : 1997, 2005


Copa América

: 1999


  •  IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper silver ball

    : 2005

  •  Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year

    : 2003–04

  •  FIFPro World XI:


  •  IFFHS Best Brazilian Goalkeeper of the 21st Century


    A.C. Milan Hall of Fame


Placar Bola de Prata

: 1993 (Vitória), 1996, 1998 (Cruzeiro), 1999 (Corinthians)


IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper bronze ball

: 2004

 FIFPro Goalkeeper of the Year

: 2005

Dida Life Story

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics has named Dida, the former goalkeeper of the Brazilian national football team and AC Milan of Italy, as the best Brazilian goalkeeper of the 21st century.

Dida was ranked seventh in the list of the best goalkeepers in the world in the 21st century, ahead of other Brazilian goalkeepers Julio Cesar and Rogerio Sunni.

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon tops the list, Julio Cesar is eighth on the list. Meanwhile, Rogerio Sunni came on the 13th. Another Brazilian goalkeeper, Marcos, was ranked 34th on the list.

The former goalkeeper of the AC Milan football team has been promoted due to his good performance as a coach of the goalkeepers of the youth team of the Milan club, and the technical staff of the main team of the club will include the Rossoneri goalkeepers, headed by Gianluigi Donnarumma To practice.

Dida won 91 cups in eleven years with the Brazil national team, achieving the FIFA World Cup and an Olympic trophy, while he is the most prosperous player in the record of the FIFA Confederations Cup.

Known as one of the great goalies of his age, Dida was the first FIFPro Goalkeeper of the Year, the initial Brazilian keeper to be selected for the FIFA Ballon d'Or, and is a seven-time candidate of the IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper reward, also being one of ten players to earn each, the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores.

He was called the great Latin American keeper,  and the sixth-great guardian generally, of the 21st century by IFFHS, and is ranked among the all-time big names in the situation for Brazil beside Marcos, Rogério Ceni, Cláudio Taffarel, and Gilmar.

Some fast Facts About Dida

Let’s go through the facts.

We have already mentioned that after him, Milan has a contract with a new and young goalkeeper named Donnarumma, who has had a brilliant performance despite his young age. It should also be noted that the Brazilian national team now has an excellent and quality goalkeeper who has relieved Brazil of the dream of a reliable goalkeeper for several years.

He is none other than Alison Becker, With his brilliant performance in the Roma team, he was able to make his way to the Brazilian national team, and then he made significant progress after moving to Liverpool, and Brazil is really happy with him and it can be said that he does not have a serious competitor inside the goal.

No one can forget you. Long live Dida.

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