Havertz & Zouma likely out of Tottenham match

Wed 03 February 2021 | 17:00

The Chelsea manager revealed that the duo will most likely miss the first derby match he is going to coach at Stamford Bridge.



Thomas Tuchel

is confident that

Kai Havertz


Kurt Zouma

will not feature in the Blues’ trip to


after sustaining injuries in the pre-match training.

The duo will be examined to find out the severity of their injuries; all other players, however, are available. Tuchel hasn’t provided much information about their status, but he suspects they will be out for the London derby game on Thursday.


We had two little issues today on the training pitch. It was Kurt Zouma and Kai Havertz who went off the pitch with little issues, so they are checking and doing images [scans] right now,

" Tuchel said. "

It is questionable if they are in the squad for tomorrow. Everyone else is available


Jose Mourinho

, on the other hand, is dealing with his own problems ahead of the clash with the seventh-placed

Premier League

club. Mourinho stated that

Harry Kane


Giovani Lo Celso

will be out of action and Tuchel thinks that Tottenham are going to miss their star striker on the pitch.


I would say it is always easier if Harry Kane is not playing, that's a given and absolutely for sure, it is no secret

," Tuchel added. "

Harry Kane is one of the best No 9s in the world. When he is in shape, he is a role model in the No 9 position that every player and coach hopes for.

"That's in terms of work rate, ambition, mentality, attitude and goal scoring ability. He is simply outstanding. We assume he won't play but we will prepare for all cases in case he makes it on the pitch. We will be prepared for that."

Mourinho is set to face a side, with who he earned three Premier league titles and many other trophies during his reign. Meeting with the new Blues boss, however, will be his first. Meanwhile, Tuchel has studied Mourinho’s squad and believes the former Chelsea legend’s mentality is set for victories.


I'm not so sure, first of all I strongly believe that it's Tottenham against Chelsea and not me against Jose

," he said.


I'm very happy to compete with a strong team against his side; I'm very happy to arrive with a squad with our quality, with our mentality and with the atmosphere that we are in right now. This is the most important.

"Was he a role model? Honestly, when I started my career, he was so far away like the moon from the earth, so he could not be a role model at all.

"I was happy at the academy [at the time of Mourinho's early career], then I was promoted to first league football and from there I just enjoyed and focused on every day.

"He's one of the best managers in the world; he has now created a squad at Tottenham that's very strong, and very competitive, and that would be the challenge.

"Is it a clash of cultures? I don't know. Jose is a winner and I want to implement the same in my teams. We are at the highest level to win games and we'll try tomorrow to beat them in their stadium."

source: SportMob