Bayern are still waiting for Goretzka and Martinez after positive test

Wed 03 February 2021 | 15:00

Leon Goretzka and Javier Martinez may not be available for the Bayern Munich game against Hertha Berlin and their presence at the Club World Cup is in doubt.

Bayern Munich

are still waiting for

Leon Goretzka


Javier Martinez

to have their coronavirus tested negative to perform their main duties.

The two midfielders are once again out of Friday's


match against

Hertha Berlin

following last week's Covid-19 positive test.

In a pre-match press conference,

Hansi Flick

confirmed that the Martinez quarantine spell is set to end on Wednesday, and Gortzka will have to wait until Friday.

Following Hertha's game, European champions Bayern fly to Qatar to kick off the

Club World Cup


"With Javi and Leon it is the case that we do a test after the quarantine, I can't comment on that because I don't have the results,"

he said


"Javi has to take the test and then it will be determined if he still has the virus in his body. We have to wait from day to day.

"We also know with Leon that it takes a few days longer. He also has to be tested, everything will depend on that."

With or without Gortzka and Martinez, Flick conceded the Club World Cup puts more pressure on Bayern in a tight schedule.

"Qatar is very stressful, we have the flight and the games on Mondays and Thursdays. It was clear to us that we would not have time for proper training," he said.

"The team, coaching team and club want to win the next title, we all know that it is not easy.

"In addition to getting some vitamin D [sunshine], it is also a change from everyday life, even if the journey is dangerous.

"We want the sixth title in a year, the team would make history."






source: SportMob