Hasenhuttl blames Jankewitz for 9-0 defeat

Wed 03 February 2021 | 9:47

The 19-year-old was shown a red card after a ‘stupid foul’ on Scott McTominay in 2nd minute, which proved to be decisive in Southampton’s 9-0 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Although the Austrian said

Jan Bednarek’s

red card for a foul in the box on

Anthony Martial

in the 86


minute disappointed him more than

Alexandre Jankewitz's

red card, Hasenhuttl didn't hold back on Jankewitz, who was sent off in his first Premier League game.


One man down after three minutes against this opponent, congrats to Man Utd and they worked us off [the field] and did not stop scoring,"

Hasenhuttl told BBC Sport.

"The second red card is most disappointing, we don't have any more players.

"Jan Bednarek does not kill him but I do not want to speak about the referee. Last week he was our VAR and made his mark in the game.

"It was a stupid foul from the young lad and kills everything.

"When you come here with two goalkeepers on the bench, I wanted to give a few young lads [a chance] to show up. When I have seen what is going on it is better to take them out because 9-0 on a debut is not a good score to have.

"We tried in the second half to keep a clean sheet as much as we could but at nine men it was too easy for them to score."

However, the Saints’ manager hopes to rebuild his team on their experience of the same result against

Leicester City

last season.

"What can I say? It is horrible but we stood up after the first 9-0 and we have to do that again,"



"I said at the time we do not need it again but when we have it again you have to take it."

Speaking about


challenge to BT Sport,

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

added: "You don't see many of those tackles anymore. I'm glad Scott is well and he's got away with just a couple of bruises."

source: SportMob