Tapie: “We understand the fans, but we cannot accept it that way”

Sun 31 January 2021 | 9:32

Once the head of Stade Velodrome Bernard Tapie condemned Marseille fans for their actions of “destroying everything”.

The former club president

Bernard Tapie



supporters’ protests are “understandable but not acceptable.”

With what has been going on outside Stade Velodrome, Marseille were forced to postpone their clash with


on Saturday. The fans expressed their frustration regarding how the club is being managed through protesting in the streets. Andre Villas-Boas’s squad are seventh on the

Ligue 1

table following their three defeats.

Some fans even broke into the club’s training unit, starting fires and others got into fights with the on-duty officers, having some injured.

Some banners across the city suggested that the president Jacques-Henri Eyraud and others in charge resign. The club made a statement criticizing the fan’s actions and Eyraud also commented on the situation.


Three hundred employees are tonight in a state of shock for having lived live or discovered the images of an unspeakable attack against the OM Institution,

" he said. "

What happened this afternoon calls for the utmost severity for these troublemakers who claim to be supporters but destroy facilities and threaten employees and players."

Although fans' frustration might be understandable, Tapie believes they crossed a line as they put many in danger.


Their frustration and this anger, we understand it, but we cannot accept it that way. It is not possible

", the former Marseille president said. "

It is not possible to indulge in such acts vis-a-vis the club, and I am not talking about Eyraud. I am talking about the club, the Olympic institution of Marseille.

“As long as their anger is in the display, in the street or at the stadium, it passes - but there, it's too much."

Tapie added: "

The leaders must never forget one thing: we are all visiting the club, not the supporters. They are the spinal cord of this club.

"The leaders and the shareholders, it has been a while since they assume a responsibility which is up to what we can expect from this club, but this is not a reason to be violent and want to destroy everything."

source: SportMob