Tuchel: Havertz’s potential is endless

Sun 31 January 2021 | 7:39

Chelsea's new manager expects Havertz to regain his best form in the near future.

Having left

Bayer Leverkusen

with a £70 million deal,

Kai Havertz



in the summer transfer window. The young midfielder has struggled to show his best form at Chelsea but

Thomas Tuchel

’s arrival saw the midfielder immediately improve his game. Havertz displayed a fine performance in his team’s 0-0 draw against


on Saturday. In a post-match interview, Tuchel has spoken about Havertz's current form and his future at Chelsea.

“His potential is endless,”

Tuchel told reporters.

“It has been a challenge for him and I think he made a brave choice [coming to Chelsea].

“First I have to explain that I'm a huge fan of Bayer Leverkusen in terms of how they developed as a club for years, the players they develop and the quality of football they play. But you come from Leverkusen to Chelsea and the culture cannot be any more different.

“You go from a club that are okay to be second or third best, maybe reach the top four. It is a high level and they have all my respect, but you then go to a club which talk about trophies and winning titles so openly...

“It's like Bayern Munich - they demand titles, titles, titles every year. It does something to the club atmosphere.

“So Kai steps not only to a different country, club, team-mates, which is in itself complicated and a challenge, but he changes the club culture in a dramatic way. I love it because he is far out of his comfort zone.

“What I feel from him is that he is a very intelligent, friendly and open guy who has a lot of potential - and we will push him. He seems like the guy who needs to be pushed and we won't stop doing it.

“For him, this league is perfect because he cannot rest. He has so much potential that he needs to be challenged physically, so he doesn't just rely on his endless talent. This is good. In the end, the question is: does he show his teeth in the end when it gets tough?

“I was happy yesterday that it was him who got the almost decisive header in the box against all these towering, strong players from Wolverhampton. It would have been a nice moment at the end of the match.

“He doesn't hesitate and this is what I want to see from him. Then the rest will come, because this guy can be a huge, huge part of this club.”

source: SportMob