Pepe doesn't have the right mindset for the Premier League, says Pires

Sat 30 January 2021 | 13:02

Former Arsenal player has spoken about the situation of Nicolas Pepe and Mesut Ozil.

Nicolas Pepe



in the summer of 2019 and the fans were very excited to see him tearing down the opponents. But it didn’t take long before Arsenal fans realize that there is still much improvement needed for Pepe to even become a regular starter at the Emirates.

Pires, Arsenal’s former player believes that although Pepe has shown sights of brilliance, he doesn’t have the right mindset for the Premier League.

“His game doesn’t suit the intensity and demands of the Premier League,”

Pires told the Sun.

“Pepe wasn’t used to it and it has been complicated for him to change his mentality, to adapt to a new way of training and to settle in a tough league.

“I think he is simply not cut out for English football.”

Pires also says that no one is to blame for the Mesut Ozil’s situation at Arsenal that led to his move to Fenerbahce a few days back.

"In my opinion Ozil is an Arsenal legend,"

Pires said.

“We must not forget everything he did for this club and the quality he brought to the team.

“For me there is no culprit in this story. I know Arteta and I know Ozil. The manager made a decision and Ozil had to accept it, which he did.

He never complained but instead continued to train like a professional.

“He has now found a solution to leave by signing with Fenerbahce and I think everyone’s happy - especially Mesut because he was the one most affected by it.

“Being frozen out of the squad is very tough. That said, for me Ozil has already gone down as an Arsenal legend.”



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