Mintzlaff: ‘even with Rangnick, Haaland would not have come to us’

Sat 30 January 2021 | 11:31

RB Leipzig bosses Markus Krösche and Oliver Mintzlaff have expressed their disappointment at not being able to sign Erling Haaland.


RB Leipzig

have been trying to sign

Erling Haaland

, he chose a different path and joined

Borussia Dortmund

in January 2020.

"We were all totally convinced of him from a sporting point of view. That's why we contacted everyone involved early on. However, his representatives clearly indicated that he didn't want to make a decision at such an early stage," RB Leipzig sporting director

Markus Krösche


"Up until his decision, we remained in intensive contact with all those involved. This was certainly the reason why we were still in the race for him in the winter of 19/20.”

Ralf Rangnick

might have been able to sign Haaland as he played a key role in securing deals for some of the highly-rated players.

"Ralf Rangnick is known for his ability to convince top talented players and the players' families, bringing them to us. In Haaland's case, it is true that Ralf Rangnick was not involved in the final talks. Certainly, in retrospect, it wouldn't have hurt if he had been part of the talks at the time," RB Leipzig CEO

Oliver Mintzlaff


"But even with Ralf Rangnick, Erling Haaland would not have come to us, because on the one hand, his financial demands were too high for us, and on the other hand, we had Timo Werner, a striker who had 18 goals to his name at the time, and BVB were trying to fill a void at the position. Therefore, the decision for the player was quickly clear, and so I can't blame anyone.”

Haaland has scored 37 goals through 37 appearances for Dortmund so far.

source: SportMob