Ronaldo will receive a fine if proved that he has ignored the rules

Fri 29 January 2021 | 21:09

Andrea Pirlo was asked about the 35-year-old disregarded the rules that government has set concerning the corona virus pandemic.

Almost 90,000 people have died due to the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy. Because of this, the Italian government has forbidden everyone to travel between the orange zones.

However, it seems like

Cristiano Ronaldo

has taken no notice of this rule as his Girlfriend has shared a photo of them in Valle d'Aosta in her Instagram account. This means that the 35-year-old will receive a fine if the government's investigations prove the accusation.

Andrea Pirlo

was asked about Ronaldo's action, but the coach said that when thethe players are not training, their actions are not his "responsibility".

He said: 

"Cristiano Ronaldo had a day off and in your days off you are free to do what you want. When they are here, they are under my control, but outside of here they are free citizens and can take their own actions.”

Ronaldo, however, will perform in


' match against



Pirlo talked about the upcoming match and said:

“Sampdoria are a good team, they are living a good moment,” Pirlo said. “They have players with great qualities and a deep squad too.

“It will be a difficult game, like it always is when you face [Claudio] Ranieri’s teams. I respect him so much.

“Today everyone should train with the group, except [Paulo] Dybala who is still recovering. We’ll evaluate him day by day, he still feels pain at his knee sometimes, but hopefully we are on the right track.”



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source: SportMob