Dunne on Manchester City’s Ruben Dias

Fri 29 January 2021 | 12:29

The Blues currently sit at the top of the Premier League table with a game at hand.


Manchester City

player, Richard Dunne, believes

Ruben Dias

is a key-figure for Pep Guardiola’s squad as

Virgil van Dijk

has been for Jurgen Klopp's



The summer signing, who joined the Blues for £61 million ($83m), has established himself as one of the club’s best defenders as well as winning the player of the month award for November.

“The 5-2 defeat to Leicester in September was a shambles for City. But it’s what they did next that counts – they went out and bought Dias and he has been brilliant for them,”

Dunne told

Sunday World


“I think he has changed that City team, helped get the best form out of John Stones. With the way they play, City will always create chances, they are now looking so confident going forward because they are so solid at the back.”

“Dias isn’t what you’d consider a typical Guardiola player. He’s solid, he is good on the ball, but his first job is to defend. I was impressed with his first interview at the club when he said, 'I’m a winner, I am a leader'.”

“City didn’t want another ball-playing centre-back, they needed a central defender who could defend, who had that mentality of keeping a clean sheet, keeping his focus on doing that and leaving it to the attacking players to score.”

“It’s not far off what Liverpool did with Virgil van Dijk. Once they got Van Dijk in, everything else seemed to just work well.”

Dunne, who believes that now Manchester City have greater chances of winning the

Premier League

title with Dias, added:

“Manchester City will be very, very hard to stop. I can’t see any weakness in the City side. No one else is creating chances like them, they look to be a far happier squad than anyone else in the top six.”

“City look like a side who are taking great pleasure in keeping clean sheets, they have Joao Cancelo able to move from full-back into central midfield, and they have that tactical nous that everyone else seems to be lacking. City were always vulnerable to counterattacks, now with Dias in the side they stop them before they start.”

“Manchester United don’t have that, and neither do Liverpool, with Van Dijk out injured.”

“They are growing as a team, their confidence is high at a time when everyone else in the top six is being tested, and even though they have lost Kevin De Bruyne, they have clicked. Every other team has problems, but it’s all falling City’s way now.”

source: SportMob