Mourinho can bring Bale back to his glorious days - Poyet

Thursday28 January 2021 | 14:52
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After several difficult months in London, Bale seems to be on the right track.

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Gus Poyet believes Jose Mourinho is the best coach to bring Bale back to his heyday.

The Welsh star moved to


on loan from

Real Madrid

in the summer and hoped with the return to the Premier League, where he has twice won the PFA Player Award, he would be able to return to the path of his good days after his difficult moments in Spain under Zidane. Multiple injuries have left Bale in the starting line-up for just one Premier League game, scoring four goals in 13 games in all competitions.

In the FA Cup, however, Bale played against Wycombe Wanderers from the start and, in addition to scoring, he also had a good performance. Poyet now claims that Jose Mourinho is the best coach to bring Bale back to his glorious days.

“I think you as a coach - and especially with the experience of Jose - you really believe in your way of managing,”

Poyet told Stats Perform News.

“And let's say it wasn't as easy as probably Jose thought. Because he was up and down.

“Now, I think he is still playing a part, even if it's in moments, he is still a player that at any time, any game, he can give you the difference between winning or not winning a game.

I think we can see something, especially if he keeps himself fit. That's the key to the situation. So, you know, it's not only training well, it's about being fit enough to perform well.

“And there is a limit to Gareth at the moment, physically, that if he goes above that level, he can get injured. To control those levels is very, very difficult. But if there is someone who can do it, definitely it's Mourinho.”



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