Johnson on the ongoing pressure at Liverpool

Thursday28 January 2021 | 13:08
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The Reds continue their struggles in 2021 as they go on with no additions in their mind for January transfer season.




Glen Johnson

, believes firing

Jurgen Klopp

with criticism would be

“super harsh”

, but the German’s position would still be questioned if he fails to deliver a top-four.

With five winless games in 2021, the Reds currently sit fifth in the

Premier League

table and though Klopp has been successful in leading Liverpool to great achievements, he could still be facing some challenges in his position.

Johnson told



“I don’t think Liverpool will have enough to win the league this year, but I expect them to get the top four - but it will be tough. There are six clubs fighting for the top four again.”

“It will be super harsh for Klopp to be under any pressure given the success that he’s had, but we know that owners, once they get success, they want to keep repeating it so I think there would be a discussion to have if he did finish outside the top four.”

“I think it would be extremely harsh in terms of where he’s brought the club in the last few years. I don’t think he would be sacked. I think they would have a serious chat about it.”

Johnson, who has been surprised by Liverpool low number of transfers despite their injury crisis, added:

“It’s impossible to gauge how many injuries you get in a season, how bad they are and how long each person might take to recover.”

“I think they were naive in not getting someone in on loan because the kids - who will hopefully go on to be some fantastic players - are being asked to fill the shoes of [Virgil] van Dijk and that’s not easy for anybody.”

“It’s not as simple as buying a 50, 60, 70 million pound defender that is going to compete. The only options they had was to work with the youngsters or get somebody else in on loan and they opted to go with the youngsters and some have been great and some don’t look like they're ready.”

The Englishman admitting that Klopp could invest in summer transfer market while finding competition for

Mohamed Salah


Sadio Mane

, and

Roberto Firmino

, continued:

“Liverpool have been relying on the front three for a long time and you can’t have a five-year period of doing that.”

“Liverpool’s recruitment has been fantastic so they’ll definitely be looking at options. They brought in [Diogo] Jota, who has been fantastic, but, again, he’s been unlucky with injuries. The good thing with Liverpool is that they’ll sign someone if the deal is right, they won’t just go and buy a big name for the sake of it.”

“The way they’ve done their recruitment is that they’ve found something in players that nobody else has seen and a world-class player now is going to cost £100+ million ($137m) and Liverpool don’t do business that way.”

“Jota is a stroke of genius for £40m ($55m), he’s someone that can score goals in the Premier League. I like the way they do business by not going into the big auction rooms with the other big-hitters and they seem to find some gems out there.”

source: SportMob