Carles Tusquets hits out at Joan Laporta

Thu 28 January 2021 | 11:46

Things are beginning to heat up at Barcelona ahead of the club’s presidential elections.

Carles Tusquets

who is currently the chairman of the managing committee at


has sent a harsh message to

Joan Laporta

about the signing of

Eric Garica

. Laporta is currently the favorite nominee to become the club’s next president and Tusquets is not happy with the 58-year-old’s pressure on the club officials regarding the signing of Manchester City’s defender.

“I beg you to refrain from treating the managing commission in the search for decisions that you consider may be convenient for you under the guise of being necessary for the club,

“I want to remind you that a negligent, obstructionist and malicious attitude, being chairman of the managing committee, would lead to you being held directly responsible for the club’s financial situation.”

Garcia’s contract at Etihad will be expired in the summer and the Catalans will be able to secure a free move for the 20-year-old in the summer transfer window. However, there have been disagreements inside the club about when they should finalize the deal. Tusquets, Ronald Koeman, and Victor Font believe that the player should be added to the squad in the current month but Laporta is against this decision and thinks it's better for the club to wait until the summer transfer window.

“If we finally don’t sign the contract, it will not be because of unfair and inconsiderate threats, but rather as a sign of responsibility and elegance, allowing the elected president to make the pertinent decision,”

He wrote. 

At the end of his letter, Tusquets reminds Laporta to learn how

“to put the interests of Barcelona before his electoral interests.”

source: SportMob