Aberdeen considering a new stadium

Wed 27 January 2021 | 16:51

Dave Cormack, Aberdeen chairman, stated that the Dons are looking for a site to build a new stadium.


have got planning allowance for a new stadium at Kingsford, located on the west of Pittodrie, in 2018 and a training ground is already opened there. However, the plans on building the stadium have been postponed due to the pandemic as the club is dealing with a financial crisis.

Marie Boulton, city councilor, pronounced that there may be an alternative site at the beach suggested, close to their current place, which is included as a plan for the city centre redevelopment.

Dave Cormack

wrote on Twitter:

“Should the positive news that the regeneration of the beachfront, as part of a refreshed city centre masterplan, be approved & progressed, the club is open to exploring this potential new site, but everyone involved recognises it’s still VERY early days.”

source: SportMob