Cavani is helping Mason Greenwood

Tue 26 January 2021 | 22:17

Solskjaer says that Cavani is teaching Greenwood some good lessons.



goal in the weekend, Solskjaer has talked about Cavani’s influence on the young talent.

“It’s always a challenge. Everything is a test. We talk about the second season syndrome and if you take your eye off the ball for just a slight second, the Premier league is unforgiving.” Manchester United’s boss said about Cavani’s role off the pitch.

"I have always said that 99% effort is 100% failure, and of course players who ease off in training every single day a little bit - I’m not saying this is Mason. I am saying it’s the case for every single one - it’s always a learning curve and test.

“I feel now that we have maybe overcome those issues because they know my demands on the standards and habits and physical demands and the running stats.

“I see the players talk to each other all the time and of course Edinson with his experience can be really helpful and he is there as a backup, he is there as a mentor,

It doesn’t matter if it’s Marcus [Rashford] or Dan [James] or Anthony [Martial] or Mason, they have all got things to learn from Edinson and the more humble and hungry you are to listen the better you will become. Edinson has been in every single position to score a goal or to win the ball back throughout his career and there is so much for them to learn off him.”


source: SportMob
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