Oscar talks about his teammates at Chelsea

Tuesday26 January 2021 | 21:31
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Oscar explains why Salah and De Bruyne didn’t make it in Chelsea.


former midfielder


has talked about his experience of playing with



De Bruyne

at Chelsea. Oscar says that injury and being among many options for his position was the reason behind De Bruyne's failure at Chelsea. And about Salah, he thinks that confidence was the problem. Both De Bruyne and Salah became superstars in other teams, but they didn't show anything in London.

“De Bruyne even gave me an assist,”

Oscar told Yellow and Green Football.

“There was a formation where [Eden] Hazard, De Bruyne and I played in midfield and it worked well. He only had a few chances, played well but then got injured. I guess that not being consistent at a club that had many options in the center of the park meant he was not a good fit at the time.

"With Salah, it was different. He was unstoppable during practice, but always shy and quiet off the field. During the games, I guess he did not have the confidence that we saw at every club he played for after Chelsea, and especially now at Liverpool.

“Sometimes players don’t feel comfortable with that pressure. I liked it because it made me better.

"Mourinho helped me a lot and he is one of the best coaches in the world. He gives a lot of confidence to his players, but also wants to see them perform at the level of that trust.”

source: SportMob