Naismith says he has learned from Barisic.

Tuesday26 January 2021 | 18:56
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Jason Naismith has talked about Barisic and his performance against Ross County.

Jason Naismith

talked about


performance against

Ross County

, which helped his side gain a 5-0 victory against them. Naismith has learned some lessons in the night that his side experienced a heavy defeat.

“The guy is a Croatia international and you take wee pointers. Even (with) me at 26, some of the stuff he did during the game I have in my mind and hopefully that improves me as a player.”

Naismith said


“I know I went away from the game with that attitude. Just wee things. When the ball breaks down, how quickly he gets back into position.

“Not necessarily that he needed to do it, I just think he was getting himself into good habits for when he comes up against better teams who will probably put him under more pressure, being brutally honest.

“It was just an eye-opener for me to see that, him getting into good habits, how good a professional he was, how fit he was.

“It was a good experience. You take things from your full career, from being a young boy at St Mirren, playing against the first team when you realize how far off it you are.

“So if you don’t take these things on board you are never going to improve and every time you play against a top team you need to take pointers from these guys because they are at top teams for a reason.”

source: SportMob