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Sat 27 March 2021 | 8:30

The top facts about Houssem Aouar, one of the youth prospects in Europe, will be an enchanting and beautiful story. We are pretty sure that in the end, you will be enjoyed by this article.

Houssem Aouar's brilliance in Rudi Garcia's Lyon has tempted many big clubs to take a direct interest in him in the last summer. Manchester City, Arsenal, and 


are the three main clubs around which the name of Houssem Aouar is heard. In fact, it all started in the 2017-2018 season. The season that Houssem Aouar was able to start shining in the highest level of European football.

That season was extremely important in the development of Aouar. In the 2017-2018 season, the French midfielder often played two roles under Bruno Genesio. He played in the 4-3-3 system and until the end of the season, he also played in the 4-4-2 formation on the left side of the field. In the 2018-2019 season, the positions for the players under Bruno Genesio's management were followed in the same way as before.

He was one of the two midfielders in Lyon's defensive line in the 4-2-3-1 starting line-up. That season, he was forming the pair with Tanguy Ndombele. Between Ndombele's defensive abilities and Aouar's attacking abilities, there was a tremendous balance, and Aouar was able to make an impact in both phases. Today we want to talk about the 

top facts about Houssem Aouar

 and tell you some special facts about this starlet. Stay with us.

Top facts about Houssem Aouar you might want to know

Houssem Aouar is a 22 years old star who plays for French national team and Lyon. He is known as one of the best young stars in Ligue 1, so in this part of the article, we want to look at Aouar’s adventure and story through a new window. 

We will discover everything you want to know about

Houssem Aouar personal life

and then in the next parts, we will review the top facts about Houssem Aouar.

  • Full Name

    : Houssem Aouar

  • Date and Place of Birth

    : 30 June 1998 in Lyon, France

  • Houssem Aouar age

    : 22

  • Height & Weight

    : Houssem Aouar height is 1.75 m and he weighs 70 kg

  • Family Members

    : Not much information

  • Marital Status

    : Single

  • Girlfriend

    : No girlfriend

  • Houssem Aouar Children

    : No kids

  • Current Team

    : Olympique Lyonnais

  • Jersey Number

    : #8 Lyon/ #8 France

  • Nickname

    : “Houss”

  • Position

    : Midfielder

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Cancer

Houssem Aouar Birthday, Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Houssem Aouar was born on 30 June 1998 in Lyon, France. 

Houssem Aouar

nationality is French. Houssem Aouar zodiac sign is Cancer. The sign of Cancer belongs to the element of Water, just like Scorpio and Pisces. Guided by emotion and their heart, they could have a hard time blending into the world around them. Being ruled by the Moon, phases of the lunar cycle deepen their internal mysteries and create fleeting emotional patterns that are beyond their control.

Lack of patience or even love will manifest through mood swings later in life, and even selfishness, self-pity or manipulation. They are quick to help others, just as they are quick to avoid conflict, and rarely benefit from close combat of any kind, always choosing to hit someone stronger, bigger, or more powerful than they imagined.

Some of the most famous figures born on the 30th of June (Houssem Aouar Birthday) are Mike Tyson, Cheryl, Michael Phelps and, Fredy Guarin.

Houssem Aouar Parents and Childhood

Houssem Aouar was born on June 30, 1998, in Lyon, France. Aouar was born in Lyon, France, to North African parents (Houssem Aouar parents) as their ethnicity is related to Algerian descent.

Houssem Aouar parents

(notably his mother) have always been supportive. 

Although Aouar parents are Algerian, he was given birth to in France and officially recognized as a French citizen. The midfielder in his interview with Players Tribune revealed that he grew up with just his mom at Lyon. She was a nurse when she migrated from Algeria to 


before Houssem was born.

Houssem Aouar childhood

was very interesting because he was always a big fan of Zidane. When a boy is born in France, the first thing that is expected from him is going to playing football. For a French boy of Algerian origin, football is the most fascinating event in the world.

That is why Houssem Aouar started playing football in the streets when he was 8 years old. Aouar's friends say that he was always so interested in French players that he tried to pretend to be. His role model was

Zinedine Zidane

and used to dribble in the same style.

It is important to state that Aouar’s choice of having Zidane as his mentor may not be unconnected to the fact that the current Real Madrid coach also has Algerian family roots. Only the future can tell whether Houssem Aouar childhood dream of working together with Zinedine Zidane will come true or not.

Houssem Aouar Girlfriend, Personal Life and Marital Status

It is not at all difficult to understand that Houssem Aouar is a shy and calm guy. Although he receives good money from


, he still prefers to live in the same house with his mother, a former nurse.


Therefore, it can be said with certainty about

Houssem Aouar girlfriend

that this French midfielder has no emotional relationship and of course there is no information in the media.

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Houssem Aouar Career

Following the top facts about Houssem Aouar, there is a good percent you want to continue the rest of the article so we intend to bring up a new topic. Houssem Aouar was born on January 30, 1998, in Lyon, France.

Houssem Aouar career

is going well at Lyon as he is scouting by some glorious clubs in Europe.

Fate led Aouar to the simplest possible way; signing a contract with the biggest team in the city. At the age of 11, Aouar signed a contract with the Olympique Lyonnais Reserves and Academy, and from there the dreaming for this young boy began.

At 18, Aouar already a very talented player as he was close to signing his first professional contract with Olympique Lyonnais but had difficult choices to make.


was at the time signifying strong interests in the midfielder and even offered him a deal. Houssem Aouar can become a versatile midfielder. These types of midfielders known among tacticians as the "all-round midfielders"; players who have an amazing balance in the middle of the pitch, both in attack and defense, and can play in all the roles of a midfield.

The most important players in this kind are Tony Kroos and

Luka Modric

. Complete midfielders who can be a role model for Houssem Aouar. Houssem Aouar has shown this potential and could reach the level of such players by continuing his progress.

Houssem Aouar is great every time he plays in a three-midfield system. He could even look like a player like Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City. If he gains some freedom of action and be used as a playmaker in the midfield, he will shine like a superstar.

Houssem Aouar Religion

Regarding Houssem Aouar religion in top facts about Houssem Aouar article, like most of the Algerian-French people, he is Muslim. Islam is the official religion in Algeria (99.7% of the Algerian population). Majority of the native practice it. Sunni Islam or Muslim religion permeates Algeria in every aspect of life. Not all followers are orthodox. Islam gives Algeria its cultural and social identity. Its principles govern much of the nation's ethics and behavior.

Also, Roman Catholicism is the largest church of Christianity in Algeria. It has four dioceses and one archdiocese. During French rule, Algeria had more than one million Roman Catholics, but since their independence, their numbers are in the lower thousands. Christianity makes up about 0.2% of the population while 0.1% of that is Roman Catholic and less than 1% is Protestant. Christianity has been growing recently especially during the Algerian Civil War in the 1990’s.

Houssem Aouar Salary, Net worth and Market Value

Relating to 

Houssem Aouar salary

, he currently earns €1.5m per year. This figure is very good for the 22-year-old player, as he will most likely receive an astronomical salary in the next transfer, especially if he is transferred to England.

Houssem Aouar net worth is around €2m. He made his €2m fortune in Lyon and French national football team.

Houssem Aouar net worth

is not expected to be astonishing since he has only played for Lyon in France so far.

Now the whole Houssem Aouar net worth is around €2m and he also has an annual net salary of €1.5m. After all, about

Houssem Aouar market value

, it should be said he now worth €50m but his highest market value was in 2020 worth €55m.

Houssem Aouar Transfermarket Stats

Houssem Aouar transfermarket stats

are amazing for a young star. As we said, in terms of Houssem Aouar stats, he managed to play 164 games throughout his career, and score 30 goals and 31 assists. These numbers are great for a 21 years old star!

It worth noting Houssem Aouar was close to joining Arsenal but in the end, he turned down their offer. Also, Juventus and

Manchester City

on several occasions started the negotiations but he eventually stayed in France.

It worth mentioning that this player is one of the most popular Lyon players among the fans, and perhaps a look at

Houssem Aouar stats

will tell the reason.

Some Short Top Facts about Houssem Aouar

  • Houssem Aouar is a midfielder. His height is 1.75 m and he weighs 70 kg.

  • About Houssem Aouar age, it should be said that he is 22 years old.

  • Houssem Aouar is single and has no emotional relationships.

  • Regarding Houssem Aouar children, he has no kids.

  • Houssem Aouar is playing for Olympique Lyon now.

  • Houssem Aouar is French and plays for France national team.

When it comes to

top facts about Houssem Aouar

, like all North African players, his passion, pure technique, creativity, and skill to impress fans.



Houssem Aouar social media

, he is one of the most popular players on social media for various reasons. Not only Lyon fans, but also fans of other teams are very interested in Houssem Aouar and follow him.

Houssem Aouar Instagram account

 has 589k followers. Besides all this information, it is better to mention 

Houssem Aouar Facebook account


Houssem Aouar Twitter account


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Houssem Aouar Quotes

One of the favorite parts of SportMob's article on top facts about Houssem Aouar is amazing quotes.

Aouar about how he rejected the chance to sign for Liverpool back in 2016

"I thought about it hard with those closest to me about what decision I needed to make & what was better for my development."

Guardiola on Houssem Aouar

"Houssem Aouar is a very good player. He is incredible. We talk a lot about

Tanguy Ndombele

, but Aouar is also excellent. He's always very calm with the ball at his feet, with an excellent technical quality. "Lyon really has a very good team. There are young people full of quality and I think the team is in place tactically."

His performances drew comparisons to the FIFA World Cup winner Zinedine Zidane

"I think Zidane was the player who made me love football," he told The Players' Tribune. "Because of his way of playing and his behavior. He is a great player and he's French. So yes it really is [him]. When I was a boy, like most kids, I used to pretend to be another player," he told Ligue 1. It was usually Zidane."

Houssem Aouar about Manchester City and Pep Guardiola

"It is a great European club and all players have this urge to play for the biggest European clubs, which in addition is led by Guardiola, who for me is a reference as a coach. Guardiola has seen everything before. "It is extremely good to play his teams and that's what I like, his way of seeing football."

Zinedine Zidane about Houssem Aouar

“He is a great player and maybe one day he can play for

Real Madrid

, but this is the line-up we have now and my only concern is with the players who are here.”

Houssem Aouar Achievements

No one should expect a player, who has not played in big clubs, to have won many honors. Olympique Lyonnais has consisted of great players in recent years, but all of them have been sold, and it is likely that next summer, Houssem Aouar should follow the same path and join another club, where he will have more achievements.




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