The next two meetings are not decisive - Parker

Tue 26 January 2021 | 15:48

Parker believes that there should be no extra pressure on his players in the upcoming games.

Fulham boss Scott Parker believes the two games against Brighton and West Brom will not define their season.



have to face


, who are one place above them and have five points more, and then they have to face West Brom, who are one place behind them and one point lower. Fulham have drawn five games in a row, including against Liverpool and Tottenham. However, Parker believes that there should be no unnecessary pressure on his players for the next two games.

“I think they are big matches but I don’t think they are the be all and end all,”

he said.

“We are halfway through a season. They are big because of where both teams are in and around the division but there are still a lot of games.

“As a team we are improving, we have developed. I feel I have a team here who can win two or three games back to back.

“We’ve had a few draws but that’s the way I feel, and when you have that feeling and you are where we are in the table that can be massive.

“We’ve played some of the biggest teams and done pretty well. Now we need to take the next step against the teams in and around us.

“But do I see this game as if we don’t get a result our fate is done? No I don’t. That’s what nearly sends people down.

“What you see a lot of the time is players focusing on the negative. In the end it paralyses them, they can’t really perform. You die too early. There’s half a season left.

“Do I believe in this team? Do I believe we can win two or three on the bounce? 100 per cent.”



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source: SportMob