Best Defenders of All Time

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The position of the ball in football is always changing and the defense considers ways to neutralize the attack so that the ball is completely away from the danger zone.

The defense has to consider two things: the striker with the ball and the striker without the ball. Sometimes a striker without a ball is much more dangerous than a striker with a ball. However, the defense must be vigilant in both cases.

The general rule in defense is that the defender must always between the goal and the attacker. The defender must control the opponent and keep an eye on all the attackers without the opponent's ball so that they can not use the empty situation and dangerous points.

In general, defending is one of the most important positions of a team. You may have a weak striker in your team in a game, but when the midfielder scores, the team scores, and nothing happens, but the defense is always the last mistake and a game, especially an important game, may weaken the performance of that defense throughout the season.

So these players we named had a great performance during the years of their football record and they can be called the 

best defenders in football history


Best defenders of all time

Defending is an art. There is always an example in football that you should not receive a goal first and then think about scoring. Having a good defender is a gift from God that every team wishes to have.

Sergio Ramos

He is one of the

greatest defenders of all time

. Ramos's career at



Real Madrid

. His transfer to Real Madrid from Sevilla in 2007 for € 27 million at the age of 19 is a record for young Spanish players. Only Tommy Gammel and Phil Neal (1967, 1970, 1977, and 1984) have scored in two Champions League finals, and Ramos is the only defender to do so since the competition was restructured.

His goal against Sevilla in the European Super Cup turned Ramos into a defender who has scored in the Champions League final, the Club World Cup, and the European Super Cup.

Ramos is considered one of the best defenders of all time. Ramos has the skill to entirely attract soccer world.

That being told, the Spanish defender's disposition and invasion on the throw enable him to take naught far from the reality that he is one of the best defenders to have always wear the white of Los Blancos. Ramos merges speed, persistence, High IQ, And during his career, he had a fixed level and had fewer fluctuations.

Of course, Ramos 'violence inside the field can not be ignored, but the high quality of Ramos' game causes this issue to be ignored. This should also be added, Ramos inside the field, He has great leadership power and has always been effective when he was on the pitch, scoring the crucial goals for Real Madrid, as well as being the most goal scorer defender in La Liga history. All of this has made him one the best defenders in football history.

Ramos's career at Sevilla and Real Madrid. His transfer to Real Madrid from Sevilla in 2007 for € 27 million at the age of 19 is a record for young Spanish players. Only Tommy Gammel and Phil Neal (1967, 1970, 1977, and 1984) have scored in two Champions League finals, and Ramos is the only defender to do so since the competition was restructured.


Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro is considered one of the 

best defenders of all time


He was named World Footballer of the Year in 2006. His main characteristics include her vitality, Fighting, and physical strength. He has been famous for Italian football. His precise tackles on the field, his high physical strength, and his constant preparation have made him always be remembered as one of the best football defenders in the world.

Cannavaro has been voted the most shapely football player in two polls in 





Fabio Cannavaro holds the record for most national games in Italy with 136 appearances and resigned from national football after the country failed to defend its title and was eliminated from the 2010 World Cup group stage.

Following the end of the 2006 World Cup and the announcement by the Italian Football Court that Juve had been relegated to Serie B, Cannavaro accepted an offer from Real Madrid and joined the Bernabeu.

Although neither the leaders of Juventus nor Real Madrid has revealed the amount of the Italian national team captain's contract, the press of the two host countries announced his contract at 20 million euros.

Philipp Lahm

Philip Lam is regarded as one of greatest defenders of all time. Many consider him as the best right back in the history of football. Former player and captain of the 

Bayern Munich

 football club and the German national team.

He was a smart player on the ball and a quality passer, and as a defensive midfielder, he played well in front of the defenders. He had a high understanding of the game and could turn beautiful cut shots into goal.

He is the German ambassador to host the 2024 European Cup. Philipp Lahm has participated in major sporting events such as the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the 2004 European Cup, the 2008 European Cup, the 2012 European Cup, the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup, as well as winning the 2014 World Cup with Germany in 



Philipp Lahm is the name of one of the most popular footballers in the history of Germany, who is known in the world for his good performance and excellent play. The right-back of the German national team and Bayern Munich, who played in the first level of European football for many years, so only left the world of football and preferred to retire from the country's football at the peak.

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos is one of the

best defenders of all time

in football. Roberto Carlos is the genius and the best and most influential left-back in the history of football, who became famous for his great speed and endurance, and his long and strong shots.

He started playing professional football for the Brazilian club 


 and won the Brazilian Premier League and FA Cup for two consecutive seasons. After a season at 

Inter Milan

, he joined Real Madrid in 1996 and won the Champions League three times, the La Liga four times, and the Spanish Super Cup three times with Real until 2007.

He became known as Mr. Bullet because of his powerful free-kick, which measured up to 169 kilometers per hour, and he was also skilled in defense. His name is in the FIFA 100 (list of the best football players selected by Pele). Carlos retired in 2012 (age 39) to pursue a coaching career.

Carlos can be considered one of the most aggressive defenders in the world of football, and her offensive abilities caused major effects on the defenders on the sidelines of the world and changed their duties.

Alessandro Nesta

Nesta is one of the greatest defenders of all time.In 1997, when franco Baresi hung up their shoes, the Rossoneri worried they might not have a legendary defense. In 1994, he made his debut for 



The famous Brazilian player Pele said that for the Brazilian team to be able to win with complete peace, it needs one player and that is none other than Alessandro Nesta.

Alessandro Nesta is one of the strongest and most popular defenders in Italy and the world. He was born on March 19, 1976, in Rome to a middle-class family. Unlike many other famous football players, he chose football by accident and because he had back pain at the age of 5 and, on the doctor's advice, he should turn to sports activities to improve his condition, he chose football and gradually increased his power in The field of football felt.

Alessandro has loved the Lazio football team since he was a child, and his father wrote his name in the Lazio football academy because of it and end of his career everyone knows him as the 

best football defenders of all time


Javier Zanetti

Right-backs are an essential part of a team in attacking the opponent's goalkeeper. The history of football has introduced legends and players who have achieved tremendous achievements and one of these players is Javier Zanetti who is one of the best football defenders ever.

Zanetti played 615 games for 19 years and scored 12 goals for Inter. No foreign player has played as much as Zanetti in Serie A, and only Maldini, Buffon, and Totti have played more than Zanetti in Serie A.

He has also played in 855 games in all official games and holds the record for his life. Zanetti has also played at right-back, left-back, midfielder, and right-and-left winger. He won 5 Scudetto, 4 

Italian Cups

, 4 Super Cups, a Champions League, and a Club World Cup. He is considered one of the best players in the history of football.

Bobby Moore

Undoubtedly, Bobby Moore is one of the best football defenders ever. Bobby Moore was born on April 12, 1941, in Barking, England. He officially started playing professional football in 1958 with West Ham. After shining in this team, in 1962, he wore the England national team jersey for the first time and participated in the 1962 World Cup, and played in all of his team's games.

At the age of 25, he wore the captain's armband of the national team and wore it on his arm for a decade. He played 108 games for the national team and scored 2 national goals. With his good performances, he won the 1964 English Footballer of the Year award.

In addition to his sporting success, Bobby Moore had a high and respectable personality. His character was such that all the English knew him as a real leader in their country's football team. Moore was a real gentleman in England, which is why the Queen of England gave Bobby Moore the title "Head".

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Gaetano Scirea

He is one of the

best defenders ever

. An Italian footballer and legend of 


, he has been a member of the Italian national football team since 1975 and has played in 78 national games. He scored two goals in his national team games. Gaetano Scirea made his national debut in 1986. Scirea was an excellent defender of tactical skills and abilities.

Although most defenders used harsh and sometimes oppressive tactics, the most important of which was his teammate Claudio Gentile, he was known for his chivalry and great morals.

Scirea has not been sacked throughout his career, either at Juventus or in Italy, which is likely to be a lifelong record for an international football defender throughout history, and it says a lot about his ethics and skill level.

He played most of his role as the last defender and libero, and best developed this role, which was started by Frans Beckenbauer, in this role he separated himself from the defense during the attack and the attacking potential of his team. He is one of the best football defenders of all time. 

He was involved in most of the goals and sometimes had a direct impact on scoring goals, such as the second goal in the final of the 1982 World Cup, and at the same time, he was the most central and defensive position in defense, which is also the case. He did it in the best possible way and we can say he is one of the best defenders of all time.

He is one of the few people who has won all the honors, both at the club and national, the most important of it is the 1982 World Cup. "He is a symbol for all football in terms of technique, behavior, and style," Enzo Beirzet said of his greatness at the tournament, and unfortunately died at the age of 36 in a video accident on September 3, 1998.we can called him one of the best football defenders  of all time.


He is one of the best defenders ever. His position in football was right-wing, which according to his skills is known to be the best football player in history in this position.

He played four times in the World Cup with his country's national team (1994-1998-2002-2006). In 1994 and 2002, 


won the World Cup. In 2002, Cafu was the captain of the Brazilian national football team and won the championship. He has played a total of 142 national games for his country and scored 5 goals.

The France Football magazine expert has selected the 11-man squad for football history with a 3-4-3 system, with Marcos Cafu, the captain of the Brazilian national team in the 2002 World Cup victory, ahead of players such as Philippe Lahm and Lillian Thuram as the best defenders. Cafu is considered one of the best defenders of all time.

Franco Baresi

Baresi was one of the

best soccer defenders of all time

. Franco Baresi (Born May 8, 1960) is a retired Italian football defender and one of the most prominent players in the history of AC Milan. After Paolo Maldini, he has played the most games for Milan and, as captain, has won five Scudetto and also won the European Club Cup three times. Baresi was also a member of Italy at the 1982 World Cup and won the World Cup with Italy.

A full-fledged player with defensive, attacking, playmaking, leadership, and team-building qualities at the heart of AC Milan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. As captain of Milan, he won the European Club Cup twice, in 1989 and 1990. Baresi was ranked 19th in the World Soccer magazine's list of the top 100 footballers of the twentieth century. He is considered one of the best soccer defenders of all time.

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Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini is one of the

best defenders of all time

, one of the most prestigious players in the history of the Champions League winning 5 titles, has been named by France football magazine one of the best left-back in football history as well.

144 French football experts have selected the 11-man team in the history of football with a 3-4-3 system. He was chosen as one of the best-left defenders in the history of football.

In  1985 Paolo Maldini became a first team player for AC Milan at the age of 18. From the beginning, he was more than just a football defender. Franco Baresi, the captain and legend of Italy at the time, said he played with me like an experienced defender at the height of his youth.

It did not take long for the legendary Milan to take shape and for Berlusconi to deliver on his promise. When Rijkaard, Ruud Gullit, and Van Basten are the dreaded attacking triangle and Maldini, Franco Baresi, Costacurta and Mauro Tassotti form the stronghold of the invincibles known as The Invincibles, pride can not get away from you.

The legendary Milan team started by winning the Scudetto in the 1987-1988 season and the following season, with the brilliance of their attacking triangle with 4 goals, they won the Bucharest at the Nou Camp and won the Champions League, which was then called the Champions League. He is regarded as one of the 

best football defenders ever


The young Palo soon achieved European honors, and all this was just the beginning of his epic story. The following season, Milan defended their European title by beating Benfica. He is one of the best defenders ever.

Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer is Regarded as one of the best soccer defenders of all time. Franz Beckenbauer is a German football player, coach, and president of a federation and club.

He is known in his home country as Kaiser  and owes this title to his abilities for German football. Beckenbauer is considered one of the best defenders of all time. Beckenbauer is also one of the most successful and famous football managers in the world.

Beckenbauer was born on September 11, 1945, in Munich. In 1954, when he was only nine years old, he started playing professional football at SC Munich. In 1958 he joined the team of Bayern Munich Football Club, which at that time was the second-largest club in Munich.

Beckenbauer made his debut for the German national team on September 26, 1965, and his first game was at the 1966 World Cup.For the first time in his time, Bayern Munich won the German Clubs' Cup in 1966. The club won the same title the following year, in 1967, and even won the European Clubs' Cup that year.

In 1971, Beckenbauer became the captain of his country's national team, West Germany. In 1972, West Germany won the European Cup, and in 1974, Beckenbauer won the World Cup in his homeland.

Beckenbauer left Bayern Munich in 1977 as well as the national team to play for the New York Cosmos in the North American Championship. He also played for Hamburger Sfaw between 1980 and 1982.

He coached the German national team from 1984-1990 and held the same position at Bayern Munich from 1994 and 1996. Beckenbauer was the main producer of the 2006 FIFA World Cup games. He is one of the best football defenders of all time.

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