Moyes: Bank of England money would be required for Rice

Tuesday26 January 2021 | 10:17
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Following Lampard's dismissal from Chelsea, West Ham boss David Moyes has spoken once again about Chelsea's desire to sign West Ham talented midfielder.



's dismissal from



David Moyes

reiterated that Chelsea will need the "Bank of England and Scotland money


to sign

Declan Rice


Chelsea sacked Frank Lampard on Monday after less than two seasons at the club.

Lampard was personally very keen to sign Rice when he was in charge of Chelsea.


West Ham boss


David Moyes

has talked about Chelsea’s interest in signing the brilliant midfielder.

"No matter who was the manager at Chelsea, or whoever came in, it would have been the same answer,"

Moyes said.

"I said it right at the start and I'm only repeating myself - Bank of England money would be required, and you might even need to add Bank of Scotland on to that as well because he has been so good."

A member of Chelsea academy from 2006 to 2014, Rice first played for West Ham in 2015 and since, has made 131 appearances for the team, scoring three goals.

Rice has made 21 appearances for West Ham this season, and the team is currently seventh in the Premier League table.

West Ham will face

Crystal Palace


source: SportMob