Kilmarnock trying to sign George Oakley as soon as possible

Monday25 January 2021 | 21:22
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Kilmarnock is trying to sign George Oakley prior to their match against Livingston.

George Oakley

is available on a free transfer and


are trying to sign him sooner as they want him to feature in the game against Livingston on Wednesday.


Alex Dyer


“He has trained with us a couple of days, trained well, and we are looking for him to hopefully do a little deal with us.

“I want him to stay to the end of the season and he wants to stay as well, as far as I know, we have had a conversation.

“We needed another (striker) and if I can get another one again I will do. But it’s difficult at this time, as everyone knows because you can’t see anyone and everyone wants you to take someone out of their academy who is not tried and tested. But we are still looking.

“But if no-one else comes in between now and the end of the window I will have to do with what I’ve got, and it’s good enough.”

The club have enough money for a new player, but they are not in a position to sign a number of players who are out of contract beyond the summer, therefore they are trying to borrow money from the Scottish Government’s Covid recovery fund for sport.

“Between now and the summer, or the cut-off point of the league, we may speak to some and see what we can do,” Dyer said. “But everyone has to be patient.

“It is a risk because other clubs could come in and say ‘we want A, B, C of your squad’ and we know that. When that does happen we will decide to act then.

“But we don’t know where we are going to be. I always said at the start of this season the most important thing is to stay in this league because of the pandemic and last season finished the way it finished. That hasn’t changed, and once we are safe we can look forward.”

Other clubs could also be looking and targeting for the likes of Stuart Findlay.

“We offered Stuart a deal, we wanted to speak to him early on in the season and I have spoken to him since,” Dyer said.

“We know the risk someone could come in and take him but that’s just the way it is at a football club like Kilmarnock.

“We ain’t got bags and bags to offer a long-term contract at a certain amount of money that’s going to change his life. He has to go somewhere else maybe to do that.

“All we can say to him is you’re playing at Kilmarnock, you’re in the shop window all the time, so do the best you can and then everybody wins.

“We just can’t offer contracts when things could change in 24 months and the club is struggling and you still have to pay someone a fat load of money.

“I hope Stuart stays but you know there is always the risk of someone coming in for your better players.”

source: SportMob