Phil Scraton talks about Martindale case

Monday25 January 2021 | 19:50
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Phil Scraton has published his opinion about Martindale’s hearing.

Hillsborough campaigner and criminologist

Phil Scraton

says that SFA must back


in his hearing to give him a chance to prove his transition.

In the letter to SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell, which has been published by Livingston, Scraton wrote:

“Granted remission, it is clear in David Martindale’s case that the punitive element of his sentence had been realized.

“He admitted his guilt and in prison he took the opportunity to gain a university degree. His release laid the foundation for continuing rehabilitation which clearly has been successful.

“Almost a decade on, his progress at Livingston FC and his appointment as the club’s interim manager demonstrates the board’s confidence in his employment as a ‘fit and proper person’.

“I expect that Livingston’s confidence is based not only on the success of the club under his management, but also on how he has adjusted to working with players, all involved with the club and the media. His media statements have been contrite and show humility in the face of exceptional public scrutiny.

“I believe that within its grasp the Scottish FA has the opportunity to acknowledge David Martindale’s remarkable personal and professional transition.

“By accepting he passes the ‘fit and proper person’ test, the SFA not only, rightfully, would recognize his transition but also demonstrate to other authorities and employers that those who have committed serious offences, through their own efforts and with the support of others, can turn their lives around.”

source: SportMob
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