David Moyes' side are not going to be carried away by their situation

Monday25 January 2021 | 19:49
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"We’re not going to come out at West Ham and promise something that we can’t deliver." the 57-year-old said.


West Ham

sitting in seventh place, this team has been considered to be one of the top four teams after the end of this season.

West ham has won three matches of the last five and has gained 32 points, 8 points less than the Premier League leader, Manchester United.

With winning

Crystal Palace

on January 26, the assumption of the club standing among the top four will be strengthened.

David Moyes

, West Ham coach says that they are not going to be "carried away" by such words or "take it for granted". He added that they will continue staying in the same form. He said:

"We’re not going to come out at West Ham and promise something that we can’t deliver.

He also added:

“We’re now in a position to try and look upwards, we’re trying to be ambitious in our own way. But we’re also trying to be respectful for where we’ve come from and (to) all the teams around us as well who’ve got some very good teams, and some of the ones below us at this moment in time.”

He asserted that he is trying to be "ambitious". He said:

"I think you’d have to say that we’ve done quite a lot of that already this year, we’ve made big strides forward already and sometimes then folk want even more. I want more, but I know that it can only be small steps and we’re in amongst a number of good sides.

“As I said there are also a lot of good sides below us as well and we’re going to have to play really well to keep them away from us.”

On the matter of possible additions to the club players, he said that he is not going to "promise anything"

“We don’t know, we’ve not got anything absolutely definite. We’re trying a couple of things at the moment, but they may or may not come off, so we’ll just have to wait and see.” he said.



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