Mandzukic unlikely to make an appearance in Coppa Italia Derby - Pioli

Monday25 January 2021 | 18:23
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Stefano Pioli stated that Mario Mandzukic is struggling with physical issues and may not feature in tomorrow’s Coppa Italia Derby.



Mario Mandzukic

made his debut on Saturday’s thumping 3-0 loss by


. Tomorrow,

Stefano Pioli

’s side will go into battle with


in the Coppa Italia.

The Coppa Italia is a separate competition, which is easier to prepare for being sudden death, whether 90 minutes or 120, it’s a single match,”

Pioli said.

“It’s a different competition which we really care about, but the league is a different story, the next derby will be next month, with other important games before it. It’s an important quarter-final, we need to face it in the best way.

“As always there are opponents to face, dangerous opponents, we are determined to bounce back. The Coppa Italia is a competition we care about and aim to win, because in the end all the big teams in the league find themselves in these positions. We weren’t particularly lucky in the draw because we are in the toughest brunch, but if you want to win the Coppa, you have to face everyone.

“As for injuries, Bennancer is feeling better but he won’t be available until next Saturday in Bologna, Calhanoglu is still not ready and we’ve had issues with Mandzukic Tonali and Kalulu following Saturday’s match and we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see if they’ll be available for the derby.”

source: SportMob