Simeone on Suarez: I knew what he gives on the pitch

Sunday24 January 2021 | 11:11
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Atletico boss talks about his strikers ahead of Valencia clash.

Atletico Madrid

have had a good start to the season and with 44 points, they are leading in the La Liga table.

Luis Suarez

joined Atletico from


and the Uruguayan star has so far been in an amazing form, scoring 11 goals for the team.

Now Atletico boss,

Diego Simeone

claims that from the moment he spoke with Suarez, he knew what the talented striker was about to bring to the table.

"The moment I spoke with Luis on the phone I found what he gives on the pitch: a lot of desire and energy,"

Simeone said.

"The team helps him to be at his best, which is scoring, something that has marked him throughout his career."

Atletico Portuguese prodigy,

Joao Felix

has not been in an excellent form recently and Simeone likes to see the 21-year-old back in his peak.

"You always seek to focus on a footballer,"

Simeone added.

"They have good, average and extraordinary moments, and as coaches we try to take advantage of every players' moments.

"We need Joao. When he is at his best, he can unbalance and give different solutions. We need him in that version. It's what we are looking for in training."

source: SportMob