“No tiredness caused by travels” - Lucio as Qatar hosts 2022 World Cup

Sunday24 January 2021 | 10:32
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The former Brazil defender believes that Qatar’s national squad will get a good amount of support from neutral fans during that key event.

The former

Bayern Munich

player is not new to World Cups. An old-timer in three World Cup campaigns playing on national duty,


has had a fruitful career decorated with many silverwares. He has come out the winner in World Cup,

Champions League

, Confederations Cup,


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Serie A

, and plenty more.

Lucio played a crucial role for the Selecao as one of the best defenders there ever was in his days when his side won the 2002 World Cup.

In 2022, Qatar is going to be the host of the quadrennial extravaganza, and Lucio is confident it will be a great success. Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy organization has pronounced four venues for the tournament and they are still working on the schedule.

One interesting fact about the 2022 World Cup is that all eight venues are going to be an hour away from each other. Lucio reflected on his own experience and insisted that Qatar hosting the World Cup will have a lot of advantages for the players in terms of not getting tired of traveling between venues.


It was a very different World Cup (2002) because there were two countries hosting it - South Korea and Japan. So there was tiredness caused by the travels. But the Brazilian team's structure and planning were good so that we could have the necessary rest between the games and training sessions

," he said.


Now, the 2022 World Cup being hosted in Qatar. There is comfort to all teams (since they are) closer to the hotels, stadiums and training centres. (This) will avoid tiredness and for sure this will help all the teams. To be a world champion, you need to have quality and a strong team.


And this scenario with all the facilities close to each other will make things easier, but this is not the (main) factor that will decide the world champion,

" Lucio explained. 

The preliminary tournament for the 2022 World Cup, which is going to take place in Qatar in February 2021, is the 2020 Club World Cup instead of the Confederations Cup. According to Lucio, who came out the winner in the Confederations Cup in 2005 (Germany) and 2009 (South Africa), the dense nature will be beneficial for the players to get more familiar with Qatar.


Confederations Cup is a short tournament, but all the teams involved took it seriously because it was preparation for the World Cup. In Qatar, the Club World Cup will be different compared to Germany and South Africa thanks to the short distances. So this benefits the teams now."

He also declared that since his former club Bayern Munich have their winter training in Qatar, they will have an advantage when they start in the 2022 World Cup.


Bayern has an advantage because they know Qatar and the facilities, but everything will be decided on the field. Since when I was a Bayern player, the pre-season preparation was often in Qatar and UAE because they had a very good structure. It’s a small advantage to know it more than others. These are very important tournaments so this won't be a significant advantage."

Lucio is also certain that Qatar national team making their debut in the World Cup 2022, will gain lots of confidence from the neutral supporters. it should be borne in mind that the Maroons, who have been working quite hard on getting a team together for World Cup, are one of the best clubs in Asia at the moment.


A team hosting the World Cup gets more confidence and has more credibility and hope, and Qatar will count on that for sure. Playing at home, Qatar wants to leave a good impression. And due to respect and consideration for the country that is hosting the World Cup, many people will support Qatar."

source: SportMob