Houghton talks about Liverpool's performance

Saturday23 January 2021 | 20:32
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Liverpool’s former player has talked about the Reds’ weaknesses.

After the Reds’ unexpected results in the recent weeks, their former midfielder

Ray Houghton

has talked about the team’s weaknesses. Houghton thinks that


will show the expected form after one or two good games.

Houghton told RTE Sport of Liverpool’s issues:

“If you lose [Virgil] van Dijk and you lose [Joel] Matip and [Joe] Gomez, which is the heartbeat of the central defense, what you do then is you bring back Fabinho from central midfield to center-back and likewise with Jordan Henderson and that might weaken the midfield slightly.

“And one of the areas where Liverpool aren’t quite doing as well is that they aren’t breaking from midfield into advanced positions. That’s something they were doing with the three forwards coming a little bit deeper, leaving the gaps to move into.

“Two of the full-backs, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, were two of the best going forward and producing opportunities. But their final ball isn’t of the best quality at the moment, hence the reason they aren't getting those clear-cut opportunities inside the 18-yard box.

“Based on what happened when I was at Liverpool, I remember going through seasons where in the first half you weren’t quite at it as much as you should have been and then you galvanize and you come together.

“I’ve heard James Milner and one or two of the other Liverpool players saying it’s time the players stood up, we’ve got to put it right on the pitch, and he’s absolutely right.

“This will test the Liverpool players because the last two-and-a-half seasons they’ve been fantastic, winning the Champions League, winning the league.

“I think there’s enough quality in this Liverpool side, once they start winning again and get that winning feeling back, they’ll go on a very good run.”

source: SportMob