Cascarino talks about Chelsea’s young boss

Saturday23 January 2021 | 19:20
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Chelsea’s legend has talked about Frank Lampard’s performance as the Blues’ manager.


former star

Tony Cascarino

has talked about the Blues’ manager and his performance as a young head coach.


had a beautiful career at the club, and then after only one year of working as a manager in a championship side, Chelsea’s board decided to hire him as their head coach in 2019.

Cascarino says that being a successful player doesn’t mean that you are a good football manager. Lampard has been trying to use young talents in his squad and had a good start, especially in this season, but lack of experience is an obvious problem on his side.

The former Blues striker has told talkSPORT of a man who captured Premier League and Champions League crowns with Chelsea as a player:

“He was a winner as a football player. He won everything. But he’s not a football player anymore, he’s a manager.

“A manager of a group of players, a squad of players that he has to get the best out of.

“The goalkeeper should have been changed… that was probably the right decision as Kepa was playing really poorly.

“The whole back four has changed – numerous center-halves have played at Chelsea. There’s been changes in midfield. There’s been changes up front.

“If all you’ve got is changes, then that’s not great management. Great management is finding formations and personnel to get results in a particular game.”

source: SportMob