Cavani talks about his career

Saturday23 January 2021 | 18:34
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Manchester United’s striker talks about his experiences in football.

Manchester United’s

Uruguayan striker

Edinson Cavani

has talked about his experiences and his career.

He told United Review on his progress to this point:

“I always think that, in all aspects of life, a person’s maturity is important because it helps you to resolve problems more quickly.

“As they say, to find a short-cut and make things a little more straightforward.

“And it’s the same in football. I think that, in football, you start to gain in maturity, and begin to grow in experience and confidence. That means that, as the years pass by, you feel better in yourself, and feel in good nick and you start to feel that you can really compete, having been constantly involved.

“So yes, I feel that experience is hugely important. In spite of the fact that there are many talented guys out there, lots of gifted youngsters, I firmly believe, and I’ve always said that in football, it’s not all about having one, two or even three good games. What you really need in football is to compete hard and to be consistent.

“It takes a lot of self-discipline to enable you to become really consistent. For one, two, three, four years, that’s how you gain in the maturity which will enable you to get to that required level you need to compete.”


source: SportMob