Nagelsmann blames pitch condition for the defeat against Mainz

Saturday23 January 2021 | 18:30
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Although Nagelsmann agrees that it was a disappointing defeat, he blames the pitch for the defeat.

Just after a day that


lost an important match,

RB Leipzig

failed to beat

Mainz 05

to increase the gap. Leipzig suffered a 3-2 defeat against Mainz 05 and Julian Nagelsmann, the young manager has blamed the pitch condition for the defeat.

"The loss is disappointing. We knew before the game that it would be hard to play football with the condition of the pitch, but we did really well in the first half. We had three or four chances that we could have taken more from,"

said Nagelsmann.

"It was a similar picture in the second half. We started well and had the control but conceded an unnecessary goal. After that, despite the changes, we found it hard to get back into the game."


, the club’s star has the same opinion as Nagelsmann as he claims they were okay in the first half.

"We were actually okay in the first half especially given that the pitch didn't allow a passing game. However, we didn't defend the two set piece. After half time, we lacked consistency and you can't win games like that."



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