Carragher: ‘Alisson and Van Dijk must be first in the queue’

Saturday23 January 2021 | 18:11
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Jamie Carragher believes Virgil van Dijk and Alisson are more likely to get a new contract sooner than Mohamed Salah.

Jamie Carragher


Virgil van Dijk



would be ahead of

Mohamed Salah

if the club wanted to sign a new contract and also the


need another attacker, center-half, and midfielder.

“The consequences of the pandemic, lockdown football without Anfield’s major weapon of a vibrant crowd, and the loss of key players for a prolonged period means there has to be a contingency plan to go alongside the more measured, long-term one,” Carragher said.

“Nobody ever wants to panic buy, but sometimes circumstances demand flexibility. Otherwise - even though they will never admit it - it will seem like the club is prepared to tolerate some pain until normality returns next season.

“Liverpool are still only six points off the top at halfway, so Klopp does not need to rebuild his title-winning side. This summer he needs to re-energize it.

“Roberto Firmino has been a warrior for Liverpool for six years, but his struggles have been obvious for a while. Although [Diogo] Jota started well, Liverpool need another attacker before next season. Next year’s African Nations Cup will be a headache in 2021-22.

“The more Salah keeps mentioning a new contract with two-and-a-half years to go, the more I think he or those around him must be tone-deaf. When the next significant deals are dished out, Alisson and Van Dijk must be first in the queue.

“The club appears to have decided Gini Wijnaldum does not merit a significant pay rise and a new contract, so a midfielder of similar profile and quality will be needed to replace him.”

Carragher is also shocked that

Jurgen Klopp

has not pushed harder for another defender in January as lots of their players are unavailable due to injuries:

“I believe the club's response should have been activated on October 19, the day Virgil ban Dijk's cruciate knee operation was confirmed. Hindsight is unnecessary.

“I said then I did not think Liverpool could win the league unless they had a new center-back in place on January 1. They needed one before Joe Gomez was injured. His and Joel Matip’s appearance record was informative of that.”

He added: “Xherdan Shaqiri, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Naby Keita are back-ups.

“Divock Origi and Takami Minamino have opportunities but will never be regular starters.

“We are seeing the consequences of that recently.”

source: SportMob